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World Governments Object To New gTLDs 135

hypnosec writes "ICANN is receiving more and more requests for new generic top level domains, and governments around the world are busy registering their complaints and objections with the proposed names. To date, more than 200 objections have been raised against proposed gTLDs, with Australia leading the pack with over 120 objections. Some of the other countries which are at the forefront of registering their objections include France, Germany and India. US and UK are near the bottom of the list. ICANN's "early warnings" about national objections to gTLDs serves as formal objections but it doesn't mean that these domains will never be signed off. There is always room for discussions and mediation that would allow prospective registrants to keep on pursuing their claims. Australia has objected to names such as '.baby,' '.app,' and '.beauty' among other. It has also objected to names such as '.sucks' and '.wtf,' stating that these names have 'an overtly negative or critical connotation.'"
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World Governments Object To New gTLDs

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    by MakerDusk ( 2712435 ) on Thursday November 22, 2012 @11:19AM (#42066167)
    I don't see why there are even objections. Why do governments even have a right to determine what gTLD's are offensive? We're talking about privately owned names and the government should have no hand in that. It should be something between the applicant and their user base alone. For any government that thinks they have the right to control the names that people choose on internet:
  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday November 22, 2012 @11:28AM (#42066227)

    It is because our government has to much religious influence. Scary thing is this is our less conservative scummy government too. Our conservative government are a pack of loonies.

    Remember this is the same country that only just passed R18+ rating on video games. After religious nutbars tried to block it for ages.

  • by gl4ss ( 559668 ) on Thursday November 22, 2012 @11:29AM (#42066239) Homepage Journal

    well, some conspiracy theorist would say that this new tld sellout and fucking it up so badly as they have was done to move control away from icann.
    it's a nice idea, to have to just use google to get to google's web page, but such a system would need one gatekeeper entity and icann is not up to the task.
    maybe they should have made it a sort of nobel prize to get - build a new data cable from africa to south america and as a prize get a new tld for you. or star a new country. anything else than first going with the idea of asking 185k for a chance to participate in a digital archery contest, then pulling out and not even having the green go light for the whole fucking thing.

    before I was under the assumption that the people who had applied for those tld's had already paid the apply fee, is it so? because I've started to doubt that they couldn't be that stupid? or could they? I mean, if they did then isn't ICANN on the edge of being outright fraudsters?

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