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DARPA Begins Work On 100Gbps Wireless Tech With 120-mile Range 83

MrSeb writes "DARPA has begun development of a wireless communications link that is capable of 100 gigabits per second over a range of 200 kilometers (124mi). Officially dubbed '100 Gb/s RF Backbone' (or 100G for short), the program will provide the U.S. military with networks that are around 50 times faster than its current wireless links. In essence, DARPA wants to give deployed soldiers the same kind of connectivity as a high-bandwidth, low-latency fiber-optic network. In the case of Afghanistan, for example, the U.S. might have a high-speed fiber link to Turkey — but the remaining 1,000 miles to Afghanistan most likely consists of low-bandwidth, high-latency links. It's difficult (and potentially insecure) to control UAVs or send/receive intelligence over these networks, and so the U.S. military instead builds its own wireless network using Common Data Link. CDL maxes out at around 250Mbps, so 100Gbps would be quite a speed boost. DARPA clearly states that the 100G program is for US military use — but it's hard to ignore the repercussions it might have on commercial networks, too. 100Gbps wireless backhaul links between cell towers, rather than costly and cumbersome fiber links, would make it much easier and cheaper to roll out additional mobile coverage. Likewise, 100Gbps wireless links might be the ideal way to provide backhaul links to rural communities that are still stuck with dial-up internet access. Who knows, we might even one day have 100Gbps wireless links to our ISP."
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DARPA Begins Work On 100Gbps Wireless Tech With 120-mile Range

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday December 17, 2012 @01:07PM (#42315057)

    I'd like to know if i can charge people for use of my airspace ....might put the foot down on all these beamed tech experiments i ain't exactly happy with. no offence but wireless this powerful ....really tell us really how your gonna beam that much umf that far without passing through beings and frying them

    do explain this tech out do all the people know what your doing ....and if it isn't safe FUCK the hell off.

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