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Microsoft Input Devices Technology

Now You Can Control Any Win 8 Kit With Your Eyes 60

iComp writes "It's all gestures and eyeball-tracking at CES this year, with Tobii releasing a USB peripheral that adds control-by-sight to any Windows PC and Lenovo upgrading its Yoga to finger-watching. Tobii demonstrated its eyeball-tracking technology at CES last year, but this time it is announcing a 5,000 unit production run of a USB bar which can be stuck to the bottom of the monitor of any Windows 8 PC to start tracking eyeballs. Lenovo isn't even waiting that long. Although it is only tracking fingers, it's adding the capability to existing Yoga laptops courtesy of eyeSight Tech."
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Now You Can Control Any Win 8 Kit With Your Eyes

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  • Re:stupid (Score:5, Insightful)

    by js3 ( 319268 ) on Monday January 07, 2013 @12:04PM (#42505611)

    When I move my wired mouse, the cursor moves 100% of the time. If this eye tracking stuff is even 99% accurate, it loses the mouse vs eyes contest and aggrivates the user. Touch, motion, eye-tracking, and all other assorted stupidity are all inferior to the controls we have now and are just fancy, futuristic gimmicks.

    of course its's stupid. Because everyone has 2 arms!

  • by sconeu ( 64226 ) on Monday January 07, 2013 @01:43PM (#42506843) Homepage Journal

    But for those who are disabled, this technology is a godsend.

    Tobii has been making these for a while for the AAC (adaptive and augmentive communication) devices. My wife has ALS, and can no longer speak, and cannot move her hands to use a stock text-to-speech app. This thing allows her to talk with me (albeit slowly), and is amazing.

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