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Should Microsoft Switch To WebKit? 244

DeviceGuru writes "Although IE remains the one of the top browsers on desktops, it's being trounced on tablets and smartphones by browsers based on WebKit, including Safari, the Android Browser, and Google Chrome. Faced with this uphill battle on handheld mobile devices, Microsoft MVP Bill Reiss has suggested that it might be time for Microsoft to throw in the towel on Trident and switch to WebKit (though Reiss later decided he was wrong). But although there are lots of points in favor of doing so, there are also some good reasons not to, including security and a need for healthy competition to avoid having mobile developers begin to target WebKit rather than standards."
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Should Microsoft Switch To WebKit?

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  • by hairyfeet ( 841228 ) <bassbeast1968 AT gmail DOT com> on Saturday January 12, 2013 @02:51PM (#42568839) Journal

    Insightful? Really people? hell why didn't he just add a fangirl squee while he was at it! he likes Webkit NOT for any features or design choices but "I've liked it since it's debut under Google's name" which means as long as its google he be a squeeing, and he hates Windows and "I don't believe that I'll ever think that "Windows is a "good" operating system" so billions of people are idiots but of course it would be better...if its done by google or uses a google browser.

    Good God /. you are getting as bad as reddit or Digg with all the fangirl bullshit, we are supposed to be geeks and back shit up with legitimate arguments not "I realize it's not Google's invention, but webkit is cool." fangirl squeeing crap.

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