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France Proposes a Tax On Personal Information Collection 196

Dupple writes in with a story about a French proposal to tax companies that collect personal data online. "France, seeking fresh ways to raise funds and frustrated that American technology companies that dominate its digital economy are largely beyond the reach of French fiscal authorities, has proposed a new levy: an Internet tax on the collection of personal data. The idea surfaced Friday in a report commissioned by President François Hollande, which described various measures his government was taking to address what the French see as tax avoidance by Internet companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook. These companies gather vast reams of information about their users, harnessing it to tailor their services to individuals' interests or to direct customized advertising to them. So extensive is the collection of personal details, and so promising the business opportunities linked to it, that the report described data as the "raw material" of the digital economy."
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France Proposes a Tax On Personal Information Collection

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  • by Buggz ( 1187173 ) on Monday January 21, 2013 @10:40AM (#42646713)
    Google Rep: What exactly does France want?
    France: We want: more... money!
    French aide: Yeah! More money!
    Facebook rep: More money from where?
    France: Just more money! You know! France doesn't get enough money! Other countries have lots of money; we want, we want some of that money! Hu- how about- the Internet? The Internet makes lots of money! So give us some of that money!
    French aide: Yeah! Give us Internet money!

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