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Turning the Belkin WeMo Into a Deathtrap 146

Okian Warrior writes "As a followup to yesterday's article detailing 50 Million Potentially Vulnerable To UPnP Flaws, this video shows getting root access on a Belkin WeMo remote controlled wifi outlet. As the discussion notes, remotely turning someone's lamp on or off is not a big deal, but controlling a [dry] coffeepot or space heater might be dangerous. The attached discussion also points out that rapidly cycling something with a large inrush current (such as a motor) could damage the unit and possibly cause a fire." In the style of Bruce Schneier's movie-plot threat scenarios, what's the most nefarious use you can anticipate such remote outlet control being used for?
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Turning the Belkin WeMo Into a Deathtrap

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday January 31, 2013 @05:42PM (#42755505)

    One of the worst tech support nightmares I experienced was remotely diagnosing why the Point of Sale servers kept shutting off at the same time every week. It turned out that the outlet the battery backup was plugged into was connected to a light switch that the weekly cleaning people turned off - weekly. When support came into the room, what was the first thing they did? Turn on the lights!

    Imagine power cycling all the outlets in a server room - over and over and over!

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