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AMD Cloud Graphics Technology

AMD Reveals Radeon Sky Series For Cloud Gaming, Previews Radeon HD 7990 53

MojoKid writes "AMD made a number of interesting announcements today at the Game Developers Conference, currently taking place in San Francisco. AMD revealed their 'Radeon Sky' series of graphics products targeted at cloud gaming and virtualized computing applications. The company also showed off the dual-GPU powered AMD Radeon HD 7990, and extended the 'Never Settle: Reloaded' gaming bundle program to include BioShock Infinite. AMD revealed three Radeon Sky Series cards, two based on the Tahiti GPU and another based on Pitcairn. The top of the line Radeon Sky 900 is powered by two Tahiti GPUs linked to 6GB of memory (3GB per GPU). The Sky 700 is powered by a single Tahiti GPU and the Sky 500 is based on Pitcairn. All of the cards are passively cooled and are designed for cloud gaming / computing servers. The upcoming high-end, consumer targeted Radeon HD 7990 was also previewed, but few details were given. Devon Nekechuk, Product Manager of AMD Graphics, did say the triple-fan setup was whisper quiet. We think it's safe to assume the card features 6GB of memory and clocks are in-line with current Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition cards."
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AMD Reveals Radeon Sky Series For Cloud Gaming, Previews Radeon HD 7990

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  • by Type44Q ( 1233630 ) on Wednesday March 27, 2013 @05:42PM (#43296969)

    I know its just a reference design but putting three fans, even two fans, on a video card is stupid. In all likelyhood, that more than doubles the failure rate vs a single fan cooling setup...

    All other things being equal, sure. However, which do you think would be more reliable, three fans at X rpm or one fan at 3X rpm? :)

  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday March 27, 2013 @07:56PM (#43298239)

    I have been running ATI graphics cards since the radeon 8500 in 2001. I have never ran into problems with drivers. Perhaps the occasional graphical glitch. My 9700 retired in 2006 after I put heatsinks on the ram to extend the life for a secondary box. My only issues were when I jumped to linux. (Debian) at least with windows they were solid as far as im concerned. I hate to be a fanboy, but AMD and ATI have given me many years of gaming bliss. Ill keep my money where my mouth is.

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