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IEEE Launches 400G Ethernet Standards Process 94

alphadogg writes "The IEEE this week launched a study group to explore development of a 400Gbps Ethernet standard to support booming demand for network bandwidth. Networks will need to support 58% compound annual growth rates in bandwidth on average, the IEEE claims, driven by simultaneous increases in users, access methodologies, access rates and services such as video on demand and social media. Networks would need to support capacity requirements of 1 terabit per second in 2015 and 10 terabit per second by 2020 if current trends continue, the organization says."
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IEEE Launches 400G Ethernet Standards Process

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  • 2020 (Score:4, Informative)

    by concealment ( 2447304 ) on Tuesday April 02, 2013 @09:14AM (#43336273) Homepage Journal


    D'Ambrosia expects a similar timeline for 400G Ethernet: standard ratification in 2017.

    The article also notes that 100G, which was ratified in 2010, is just now barely coming online.

    Thus doing a little math, we're likely to see this standard in 2020 at the earliest, later if the nation collapses in insolvency.

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