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KLyDE: Lightweight KDE Desktop In the Making 129

jrepin writes "During Hack Week 9 at SUSE, longtime KDE hacker Will Stephenson started working on a project codenamed KLyDE. This project's aim is to bring KDE Plasma to the lightweight desktop market. It applies KDE's strengths of modularity and configurability to the challenge of making a lightweight desktop." Better said, Stephenson was able to devote lots of time to it; he's been working on the project for a few years now.
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KLyDE: Lightweight KDE Desktop In the Making

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  • Cool (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Friday April 12, 2013 @08:18PM (#43437321)

    Removing the more bloated 'features' KDE is laden with by default would get most of us there. I suspect 99% of KDE users would be just fine without the Akonadi MySQL instance in their home directory.

    • by Walzmyn ( 913748 )

      99% of us have disabled that damned thing as soon as we installed. The rest should.

    • Removing the more bloated 'features' KDE is laden with by default would get most of us there. I suspect 99% of KDE users would be just fine without the Akonadi MySQL instance in their home directory.

      For me it is Akonadi + Postgres which sucks slightly less but it still sucks enormously.

    • I was about to say the same. Disabling Akonadi, Nepomunk (even it's lighter now, still delays my desktop login in a lot of seconds) and a lot of Krunner plugins, and configuring KDE Effects to be "Very Fast" will produces a incredible fasting desktop. Additionally, KDE 4.10 improved a lot on this.
    • by Rob Y. ( 110975 )

      Simple config
      Is a mixture of usability and perception. A simplified configuration presents fewer choices and is therefore easier to understand. It also looks faster and more lightweight, because people equate visual simplicity with efficiency. This is incorrect, of course, but I'm not above exploiting this fallacy to give people what they want. For this aspect, we're providing an alternate set of System Settings metadata to give it a cut down tree. The full set remains available, if needed.

      This could be his biggest contribution, and - if it's done well - mainline KDE should consider adopting it as an option. For all of KDE's configurability, the thing that would be nicest to configure is the configurability itself. Something like 'lock desktop configuration', where once you have the system set up the way you want it, you never see all those options again - unless you ask to.

  • KDE Lightweight = Razor-QT, it's already been done MATE. ;-)
  • While I applaud the programmer's efforts, I must say that it's efforts like these in the Open Source Community, that end up as wasted!

    You see, everyone who is talented, ends up "doing their thing," resulting in duplication and waste. One wonders why the talent of this programmer doesn't get absorbed into the larger KDE project. What would the harm be?

    • by Anonymous Coward on Friday April 12, 2013 @09:13PM (#43437641)

      Will has been contributing to KDE for many, many years and was on the OpenSUSE KDE team until quite recently. There's a lot of work by Will in various KDE projects, and when this is ready for prime time I am sure it will also appear in some form in shipping product.

    • by oneandoneis2 ( 777721 ) on Saturday April 13, 2013 @06:01AM (#43439455) Homepage

      That's not how it works.

      You're making an assumption that a developer will devote the same amount of time and enthusiasm to any project, and therefore any "Me-too" development is a loss to an established project.

      That's more or less how it works in commercial development - you have a developer working 8 hours a day on whatever project you give him. It's not how it works in FOSS, which is actually a selfish development model: you work on whatever you want, as much as you want.

      It's better to have someone sit down & bang out a yet another variant of X than to have them not turn out anything at all. The new version of X might be enough of an improvement to attract other developers and get you a new killer product. Not doing anything will result in nothing.

      He wants to build a lightweight KDE, so he goes off and writes some code and with any luck creates a working KLyDE WM. If he tried to do this within KDE itself, he'd hit a load of politics and entrenched views and spend all his time arguing. He'd get nothing done. Nobody wins.

      What you see as duplication and waste is a vital and useful part of FOSS development. Your recommended alternative would result in stagnation as people stop working on what interests them to fight against each other to drive existing projects towards their vision.

      That's what the harm would be.

  • So the Kool Ly Desktop Environment?

    Makes no sense.

    • "Klyde."

      It would be a catchy name if he didn't mess around with the letter casing.

      • by hduff ( 570443 )


        It would be a catchy name if he didn't mess around with the letter casing.

        I was actually making fun of the original meaning of the acronym. Yes, it was actually called the "Kool Desktop Environment" before the founder wised up.

        Perhaps "kLYde" would better suggest the new name ?

  • If KDE's "modularity" makes it faster, when will I start to see these modules in my favorite Linux distros.
  • I think it is good that he did this. Not just to make KDE lightweight. There are DEs that are lighter, but that he did it.

    This is what hacking is about: because he can.

  • Well, It' very good idea to have KDE without Akonadi and Nepomuk. Only this can make KDE lightweight. :)) That are the parts I always turn off and I'd love to get rid of entirely. MySQL is another piece of shit that must be cleaned out. If some developer needs "select my,shit from config where other=shit and blahbalbal" to read simple app config, then it's clinic. I used Kmail for years and when it started to use mysql and Akonady I switched to Thinderbird because I do not need all this smartass stuff done

    • Well, KDE has always been nicely configurable. I simply turn off all the cruft I don't need and Nepomuk is always the first thing to go and I never even install Kmail in the first place. Complaining about it is pointless, since turning it off is a simple click of the mouse.
  • by DerPflanz ( 525793 ) <> on Saturday April 13, 2013 @04:21AM (#43439237) Homepage

    No one will be able to spell your product name correctly if you use a weird combination of upper and lower case letters.

    You don't need to focus on the fact that it is a DE. In fact, you already decided that when you came up with a name, instead of an acronym. Make a choice: is it an acronym, or a proper name? You can't have both, it confuses.

    Just name it "Klyde".

    • A desktop environment is not a product in the sense of packaged apples that needs branding to sell.

      A DE is the product or result of someone's work, yes, but it's not a product like above. You're never going to walk into a shop looking for a DE to purchase. Since it doesn't need branding it just needs a name. KDE, Xfce, LXDE aso aren't good brands bur they're good (often descriptive) names. KlyDE is just another one.

  • Will this be different than the Kubuntu meta package "Low Fat Settings"?
  • All I seem to be able to do currently is change the desktop colors, which often results in poor BG/FG combinations for the tool bar.

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