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Robotics Technology

Robotic Bartender Assembles Your Drink, Monitors Alcohol Consumption 138

First time accepted submitter Sabine Hauert writes in with news about a robotic bartending system called Makr Shakr. "You're at a busy bar. You order your personalized cocktail through a smart phone app; a drink dispenser measures out the beverage according to your instructions and a Kuka robotic arm give it a shake (or stir), while another garnishes it with a slice of lemon; the made-to-order concoction is delivered to your waiting hand via a slick little ten-lane conveyor belt. The 'mixology system' tracks your order from start to finish: a large display behind the bar shows you the number of drinks ahead of yours in the queue, the current wait time, and lets you know when your drink is ready to be picked up. It also shows you what's popular to drink tonight among both the ladies and the gents in the crowd, and lets you influence drinking trends in real-time by incorporating your suggested tweaks on popular recipes."
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Robotic Bartender Assembles Your Drink, Monitors Alcohol Consumption

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  • by pokoteng ( 2729771 ) on Thursday May 16, 2013 @10:23PM (#43747913)
    Don't think so. Although it's common to imagine a bartender as someone who just pours drinks, it's just as possible to say a programmer is someone who types stuff into a computer to do some work. It doesn't even scratch the surface of any actual professional work.

    I'd say the robot would be good enough to do pre-mix drinks, for people who don't particularly care for the drink. Sort of like a vending machine. For actual bartending work involving complex cocktail production, where the bartender needs to have extremely high perception, flexibility, stability, control in mixing the drinks in just the perfect timing, temperature, amount, AND on top of that being social and friendly with ability to reply to the drinkers who sit at the bar? Nah, I think bartenders will still hold a job for a long while yet.

    At least, until we get robots that pass turing test. Then we're all fucked.
  • by cayenne8 ( 626475 ) on Friday May 17, 2013 @12:17AM (#43748483) Homepage Journal
    Well, I for one, do NOT welcome our robotic bartender overlords.

    I like a real human bartender. One that I get to know, that knows bars I'm a regular at, I like to have them set my usual drink in front of me when I sit down. I like that since I'm a good tipper...I get pretty heavily poured drinks.

    I don't want anyone counting my drinks either.

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