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Crowdsourced Network Planning For Connection-Bridging Startup 58

An anonymous reader writes "Tom's Hardware reports on the Connectify Switchboard software that "divides the user's traffic between Wi-Fi, 3G/4G and Ethernet-based connections on a packet-by-packet basis. Even a single stream — such as a Netflix movie — can be split between two or three Internet connections for a higher resolution and faster buffering." As part of its Kickstarter campaign, Connectify is geolocating their backers to optimize deployment of their servers. This is a clever way for supporters to influence the project beyond pledge levels and stretch goals, and it's actually kind of fun to watch."
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Crowdsourced Network Planning For Connection-Bridging Startup

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  • by agizis ( 676060 ) on Friday May 17, 2013 @08:12PM (#43758963) Homepage
    We are going to keep the minimum logs required by law. But we are going to comply with the law, just as any company must. So, for those worried about the privacy implications, there are several options: a) run your own server, we have options to buy the software for your server, or b) use a VPN (dial the VPN after connecting Switchboard... all your traffic will be encrypted by them, then spread out by us, you can get the best of both). Of course you need to have VPN provider whom you trust.
  • by agizis ( 676060 ) on Friday May 17, 2013 @08:22PM (#43759031) Homepage
    Thanks for asking, No, we do not guarantee privacy. We do our best to ensure your privacy, and keep as little information as possible, but we a) are focused on speed, not security and b) must comply with court orders. We work with VPNs, if you have a VPN you trust. dial them after firing up the Switchboard. They encrypt your traffic, then we spread it across connections, on the server side, we put it back together, and then hand it to the VPN server. It all works nicely, you can have speed and security.

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