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KDE Plasma Can Now Run On Wayland 29

An anonymous reader writes "With the upcoming KDE 4.11, there's an initial Wayland backend through the KWin manager. The author notes on his blog: 'Once the system is fully started you can just use it. If everything works fine, you should not even notice any difference, though there are still limitations, like only the three mouse buttons of my touchpad are supported ;-)'"
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KDE Plasma Can Now Run On Wayland

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  • by crazyaxemaniac ( 219708 ) on Wednesday June 12, 2013 @11:36AM (#43986047)

    TFA - so does KDE 4.10 already run on Wayland? Or will it be KDE 5.x? That thing seems to need Wayland as well - not just Plasma.

    This experimental backend is in KDE 4.11. Martin Gräßlin says that X11 clients communicate with KWin and Kwin renders them to the running wayland compositor, weston. Other than the input limitation mentioned in the summary the other problem is that Kwin cannot yet act as a wayland compositor itself and cannot manage wayland clients. I guess if you launched a wayland client in this environment you would have to have weston manage it for you.

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