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Google Buys Foxconn Patents For Head-Mounted Tech 38

An anonymous reader writes "Google has snapped up a parcel of patents from Hon Hai Precision Industry, the Taiwanese electronic manufacturer more commonly known as Foxconn, in a move seemingly designed to bolster its Glass headsets against potential competitors. In a statement obtained by The Wall Street Journal, Hon Hai described the patents sold to the Chocolate Factory as 'Head Mounted Technology' that can create virtual images 'superimposed on a real-world view.'"
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Google Buys Foxconn Patents For Head-Mounted Tech

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  • by tlambert ( 566799 ) on Saturday August 24, 2013 @06:23AM (#44662991)

    Well that is mainly because they never really invented something new, except Earth.

    I filed 2 patents while I was at Google. One of my colleagues filed 5. On the floor where I worked in a single building, I believe the total was 106 over the period of time we had all been there. Other groups turned in smaller numbers, but some, such as the "Google Van" and "Self Driving car" and "Google X" groups turned in more. As long as you count employee inventions assigned to the company, I'd have to say Google invents quite a lot.

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