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NVIDIA Demos "Digital Ira" With Faceworks On Next-Gen SoC, Under Ubuntu 45

MojoKid writes "NVIDIA is holding a tech event currently in Montreal to showcase a number of the tools and technologies the company has developed to foster state of the art in game development. NVIDIA's VP of Content and Technology, Tony Tomasi took a moment to show off Faceworks, and the 'Digital Ira' face that they've demoed at various events over the last year or so. This particular demo was a little different, however, in that it was running on Logan test kit. If you're unfamiliar, Logan is the codename for one of NVIDIA's next-gen mobile SoCs, which features a Kepler-based GPU, like current GeForce GTX 600 and 700 series parts. The demo ran perfectly smooth and the quality of imagery was as good as we've seen on any other platform to date, console, PC or mobile. Incidentally, the demo was running on an Ubuntu Linux OS."
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NVIDIA Demos "Digital Ira" With Faceworks On Next-Gen SoC, Under Ubuntu

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  • by Dega704 ( 1454673 ) on Thursday October 17, 2013 @12:20PM (#45153833)
    Nvidia must be confident about the Steam Machines, given the development effort they have been putting into Linux (I doubt Linus' middle finger was the main motivator, although a nice public shaming didn't seem to hurt either). It makes sense, though. AMD seemingly won the entire console market this time around, but Nvidia then said that it wasn't worth the thin profit margins. If the Steam Machines are as successful as a lot of us are hoping, then Nvidia could wind up being the real winner if they keep their Linux driver as far ahead as it is. It makes you wonder how much they knew about Valve's plans when they ceded all three major consoles to AMD.

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