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Mozilla Technology

Mozilla Location Service: Geolocation Lookups From Cell Towers and WiFi Data 46

An anonymous reader writes "Mozilla today launched an experimental pilot project called Mozilla Location Service. The organization explains its goal is to provide geolocation lookups based on publicly observable cell tower and WiFi access point information. Mozilla admits that many commercial services already exist in this space, but it wants to provide a public one. The company points out there isn't a single 'large' public service that provides this data, which is becoming increasingly important when building various parts of the mobile ecosystem."
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Mozilla Location Service: Geolocation Lookups From Cell Towers and WiFi Data

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  • Great (Score:4, Interesting)

    by ArcadeMan ( 2766669 ) on Monday October 28, 2013 @04:12PM (#45262243)

    Megacities like Tokyo and New York will have great and precise services. Middle-of-nowhere-town with under 50 000 people will have jack squat.

  • good ! (Score:5, Interesting)

    by johnjones ( 14274 ) on Monday October 28, 2013 @04:51PM (#45262605) Homepage Journal

    Finally a decent system for cell towers... I trust mozilla a lot more than "commercial" interests who skew the results biased around a particular provider and don't update their DB when new equipment is installed !

    OSM should be helpful to verify exactly where these towers and what frequency they are as well...

    should this not be public knowledge anyway ??


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