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Tweets and Threats: Gangs Find New Home On the Net 144

cold fjord send this quote from the Associated Press: "Social media has exploded among street gangs. ... They're turning to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram to flaunt guns and wads of cash, threaten rivals, intimidate informants ... sell weapons, drugs — even plot murder. 'What's taking place online is what's taking place in the streets,' says David Pyrooz, an assistant professor at Sam Houston State University. ... 'The Internet does more for a gang's brand or a gang member's identity than word-of-mouth could ever do. It really gives the gang a wide platform to promote their reputations. ... On the crime-fighting side ... this activity ... is transforming how police and prosecutors pursue gangs. Along with traditional investigative techniques, police monitor gangs online. [A] Cincinnati police officer who trains other law enforcement about social media says by the time gang members appear in court, authorities have a dossier of their words and videos online that challenge how they want to portray themselves. 'If a guy goes in and says, "I'm a good person. I've never held a gun," we can say, "Look at what he puts out about himself on social media. Here he is with a gun."'"
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Tweets and Threats: Gangs Find New Home On the Net

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  • Old and not news (Score:4, Informative)

    by edibobb ( 113989 ) on Sunday January 12, 2014 @03:14AM (#45930655) Homepage
    This has been used on slow news days for years. 2012 [], 2011 [], and 2006 [], for example.
  • Re:Laugh (Score:4, Informative)

    by sfcat ( 872532 ) on Sunday January 12, 2014 @07:24AM (#45931203)

    They get teardrop tattoos to mourn the homies who got shot

    I was going to mod you down but then you had to go and make that comment about teardrop tattoos. Those mean you killed someone in prison and are not about their friends/hommies. Bangers pour out 40s and graffitti names to remember their homies.

    What was that about liberals who don't know about the real world again?

    PS Programs like SNAP, WIC and EBT generally reduce crime and you fools just cut it. Hope you have a good home security system...cause you might be meeting some of these fine upstanding citizens in the near future if you get your way too much longer...

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