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With No Guidance From Google, Makers Creating Own Glass Accessories 50

Nerval's Lobster writes "Google remains tight-lipped about its roadmap for Google Glass, and its population of early-adopter 'Explorers' remains small. Nonetheless, a growing collection of engineers, designers, and artists are creating their own accessories and add-ons for Glass — some of them useful, others totally whimsical. For example, there's Brooklyn designer Todd Blatt, who's relying on a 3D printer to churn out Glass accessories such as tiny flower-pots and pencil holders (not so useful) as well as a plastic camera cover (useful, at least for anyone in the vicinity who likes their privacy). Small firms such as GPOP and Remotte are likewise exploring how to best skin, dangle, screw, and attach hardware to Glass that makes it operate in whole new ways. (The avenues for exploration have opened up with the second generation of Google Glass, which includes a small screw in the right arm that can double as a mounting point for new tech.) Google seems to have no choice but to let this growing ecosystem thrive, even if some of the modifications (such as camera covers) don't necessarily suit its interests. But will the company actually say something about it?"
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With No Guidance From Google, Makers Creating Own Glass Accessories

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday January 28, 2014 @07:01PM (#46095555)

    I long for the days when technology was driven by real needs, and not just by pointless hipster desires.

    Earlier advances brought us some real gains. I remember when the PC first came out. They allowed for a lot of tedious work to be done much more efficiently. They allowed us to do marvelous things that we couldn't do before.

    That type of practical technology is on its way out these days. Now all we get are hipster-driven shitfests. Whoop dee doo, you can attach a pencil holder to your privacy-invading glasses. That's really fucking great, son.

    I really do wish that the computing industry would dump all of the hipsters who have ruined it. Silicon Valley is a shadow of its former self, new technological developments are more about hipster vanity than utility, and privacy has been shit upon and flushed down the toilet by hipsters.

    Get off my lawn with your goddamn hipster glasses. Thanks.

  • Rule 34 (Score:4, Interesting)

    by fermion ( 181285 ) on Tuesday January 28, 2014 @07:04PM (#46095597) Homepage Journal
    The killer app, apparently, is going to be p0rn []. An app [] apparently is already in the works, though Google officially says such things are not to be done.

    My question is what does Google, in the current form, expect the glasses to be used for. In the current incarnation, it is the equivalent of wearing mirrors on the top of your shoes. Releasing them without some alternative storyline was a mistake.

    Now, when these become available I can see buying a pair and putting prescription lenses in them. OTOH, it does show that Google does not really know what to do with a new product. Everything else it has done in the consumer space has been a refinement or copy. Search using graph theory, phones that were open and now less so, a languishing Office app. What it does with Glasses will determine the future. It could be really good, if they release as a tool instead of a toy.

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