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Mozilla Launches $300,000 Gigabit Community Fund 36

An anonymous reader writes "Mozilla has officially launched the Gigabit Community Fund, an organization that seeks to 'advance the development, experimentation and implementation of learning and workforce opportunities enhanced by new, super powerful Internet technologies.' The intent is to provide funding around cities like Kansas City and Chattanooga (and more, as fiber networks spread) for people to build open source applications that take advantage of super-fast fiber connections. 'The new $300,000 fund aims to bring discoveries out of the lab and into the field to help move prototypes to Minimum Viable Pilots and get tools in the hands of users. In each city, two, 12-week pilot periods will run, with up to 10 projects receiving awards between $5,000 and $30,000.'"
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Mozilla Launches $300,000 Gigabit Community Fund

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    Man, maximum trolling by Slashdot's own userbase, the likes of which even teh GNAA couldn't accomplish in their wildest dreams! Shit, I would have never predicted this! Good job, fellas, good job - though its sad to see Slashdot die by its own hand.

    On a related note, Rob Malda [] is saying that you're all a loud but vocal minority of bitches and moaners, and he too is dismissing you as a lunatic fringe.

    I am waiting for the day when I may breathe again, posting under my own username.

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