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Official Wayland Support Postponed From GNOME 3.12 77

An anonymous reader writes "GNOME 3.12 was going to have official Wayland support as one of its main features for the upcoming desktop release. The developers have now decided to delay the official Wayland support until at least GNOME 3.14 while the support found there will be shipped as a preview. Missing features like drag 'n' drop and clipboard support are still missing from GNOME's Wayland code, which made them decide another six months of development work is needed. Other GNOME 3.12 features are mentioned on the GNOME Wiki."
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Official Wayland Support Postponed From GNOME 3.12

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  • by Daniel Hoffmann ( 2902427 ) on Friday February 28, 2014 @02:38PM (#46369297)

    You should give cinnamon a try, it is quite good.

  • by joaommp ( 685612 ) on Friday February 28, 2014 @03:46PM (#46369917) Homepage Journal

    I really don't get all this hate against Gnome 3. It's quite different, for sure and maybe it messes up someone's workflow, but at some point it will always be impossible to evolve without messing up at least some of the workflow and without making some people get used to different paradigms. I adapted quite well to Gnome 3 and am a happy Gnome 3 user. The new flow actually made me quite more productive.
    Not trying to impose anything on anyone, but most of what I've seen so far borders an exagerated misguided fundamentalist rage and a lot of the comments I've read come from people that claim missing features that are actually part of Gnome 3 - so, maybe they are blidingly judging a book without even looking at its cover?
    I believe many people get legitimately annoyed and frustrated by the changes. I mean, it takes a while to automate a workflow and to get used to something and then sometimes it's back to the begining. But, sorry to disagree, I didn't feel that bad and now I would never go back. I like it quite a lot, to be honest.

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