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Functional 3D-Printed Tape Measure 134

First time accepted submitter Trep (366) writes "I thought Slashdot readers might be interested in seeing how my friend is slowly building a 3D printed toolbox. He's created a fully functional tape measure which is 3D printed as a single assembly, to follow up on his 3D printed dial calipers. This is a pretty novel design, with a lot of moving parts that come out of the printer completely assembled!"
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Functional 3D-Printed Tape Measure

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  • by Rosco P. Coltrane ( 209368 ) on Sunday March 23, 2014 @05:22AM (#46556361)

    A great creation, made using a great new technology, obviously thought of by a bright mind, and it's graduated in... wait for it... inches.


    I guess that's what sets the US and Burma apart: one of the two countries can make antiquated objects with 21st century technology. (No wait! Even Burma is switching to the metric system [wordpress.com]!)

  • meh (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Charliemopps ( 1157495 ) on Sunday March 23, 2014 @07:56AM (#46556613)

    I like the caliper better. But really... the 3D printer folks need to stop printing things that clearly wont work well once they are 3D printed. For example, he's copied an existing tape measure... a device that has existed and has worked very well for well over a century. It's been perfected to the point that you can now buy one for less than a dollar just about anywhere. I'd think he should design an entirely new tool that does the same job but better... taking into account the limitations and advantages of the medium he's working in.

    I'm interested in 3D printing but I'm still unimpressed with the quality of the material it prints. When they get better, higher temperature plastics, or even some sort of metal alloy, I'll be a lot more interested. And yes, I'm aware there are $50k+ machines that can do that, but I mean machines for home use.

  • by Jeff DeMaagd ( 2015 ) on Sunday March 23, 2014 @12:54PM (#46557687) Homepage Journal

    The technology is overhyped, A 3D printer makes you a product designer any more than a laser printer didn't made you a newsletter editor in the 80's.

    One other reason I say that is when I see how fashion designers design their ridiculous stuff and "3D print" it. To suggest that people want to wear a fused plastic dress and call it high fashion is some serious encroachment on the story of the emperor's new clothing. Some of the items are a giant shoulder thing that might as well be an oversize tiara. Some of the works make the British Royal family look sane.

    Outside of some niches, it's still mostly a rapid prototyping technology. That's what I use it for.

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