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Driver Study: People Want Fewer Embedded Apps, Just Essentials That Work Easily 148

Lucas123 writes 'A study released at the Telematics Detroit 2014 conference revealed the obvious: Most people don't want more distracting embedded apps in their cars; they just want essential apps like navigation and music to be intuitive to use and reliable. Part of the study involved a focus group of 46 people who were asked to evaluate infotainment systems from three luxury car makers and four "mass consumer" car makers. The drivers were asked to do three things: Navigate home, find a pizza shop and find a radio station. Only 40% were able to complete all three tasks. Not surprisingly, the highest rated infotainment system was Tesla because its icons were "large" and it was easy to figure out.'
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Driver Study: People Want Fewer Embedded Apps, Just Essentials That Work Easily

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  • by Lumpy ( 12016 ) on Friday June 06, 2014 @05:31PM (#47183257) Homepage

    I already have Android in my dashboard. a simple double din CHINA car stereo running Android 4.2 is 80X better than any of the crap that FORD or GM has ever came up with.

    WAYZE is the best navigation app in the world for User interface, I can even report a cop location with very little attention taken from the road.

    I installed one of the older "CAR MODE" launchers and it's even better. I can customize it to hell and back in my driveway and then enjoy ease of use and even voice control to the point that I can say ,"ok google, text my boss that I will be late due to traffic"

    BOOM! the text message is off and I did not have to do anything but hold down the home button.

    Whatever GM,FORD,Toyota,Honda,BMW,Mercedes, or whoever car company tries to come up with will be a complete worthles turd compared to a dirt cheap $500 Ebay china stereo with regular old android on it.

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