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Freecode Freezeup 62

LeadSongDog (1120683) writes The venerable Freecode site has today gone static, blaming low traffic. No new content is being accepted, but they continue to serve existing content. They recommend projects consider moving to Sourceforge. Probably obvious, but Freecode/SourceForge/Slashdot share a corporate parent.
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Freecode Freezeup

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  • it's called

    • is great and all, but it doesn't contain all free or open source software that's out there, by a long stretch.

      Where is the alternative meta-level listing?

      • There is none, they all got bought up and then killed off.

        Probably somebody warned them before they bought it that it wouldn't make them money, but they decided to buy it anyways thinking it had other value. Well, it did. But it turns out they didn't share those values.

        • On FreeBSD, we have []

          I've subscribed to all the ports that interest me or that we're actively using and every time one get's an update, I get an email at the end of the day.
          It's really handy.

          Does that mean I also don't get email-updates from freshmeat anymore?

    • BitBucket [] is still around. Like GitHub, it's actually fairly good, even the free stuff.

      Don't know why they're using .org though. Definitely .com material.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    they should have never changed the name.

  • by caseih ( 160668 ) on Wednesday June 18, 2014 @12:53PM (#47263953)

    How will visiting sourceforge help me see summaries of new software releases? Guess I'm confused. I always thought (renaming and moving it to was stupid IMO) was just a listing site, and that's what I've used it for the last 14 years. And it's still been useful at that. Takes money to pay the bills, but it seems to me that this is another example of Dice thinking they can takes something that's popular and monetize it without bothering to find out why it's popular, and what value it gave to the community.

    • by Rob Riggs ( 6418 ) on Wednesday June 18, 2014 @12:57PM (#47263997) Homepage Journal

      How will visiting sourceforge help me see summaries of new software releases? Guess I'm confused.

      Sourceforge is where open source projects go to die. That's the only summary you need.

    • Takes money to pay the bills

      Actually, if you put standard ads in it, then it should only cost $20/m for a small VPS if you have no traffic, and it would make a small amount of money at moderate traffic. You can just hand that over to the volunteer maintainers. Even a site like freshmeat with a high percent of ad-blockers should serve enough ads to pay for traffic.

    • by antdude ( 79039 )

      Ditto. I visit [] daily to see its new/updated stuff. What other opensource software web site that will let us do that?

  • by Arthur Dent '99 ( 226844 ) on Wednesday June 18, 2014 @01:15PM (#47264177)

    I regularly visit Freecode to see the new open source projects and discover updates to the projects that I'm already using. I've built up quite a library of projects that I follow on Freecode. Now it seems that they've disabled logins, so there doesn't appear to be a way to at least write down the information on all of the projects that I have followed in the past. Any chance that they'll at least temporarily enable logins again, in order to "export" followed projects, or are we just hosed?

    • Come on, this is dice! You're just hosed. You can always email their support, I'm sure they can send you some marketing-speak like they did to me, promising they really care about us while still maintaining the policy of hosing us.

      What, you were personally invested in your personal preferences and histories and usage data?! Dice thought you were creating that data just to make them money. They have no moral or ethical concept to indicate that you would actually own the data you created.

  • by BenJeremy ( 181303 ) on Wednesday June 18, 2014 @01:23PM (#47264249)

    They should have tried a new Beta format. Surely that would have saved them.

  • by iampiti ( 1059688 ) on Wednesday June 18, 2014 @01:32PM (#47264313)
    This is sad for me since I've been browsing the release lists there for years. From time to time I'd take a look in there and sometimes would find interesting projects that I wouldn't have found other way.
    Are there any comparable websites? (Listing releases of open source projects)
  • by Anonymous Coward

    Freshmeat was handy, but not the end-all be-all. Some of the formerly niche projects already emrged under a larger organization, such as GNU, Apache, Mozilla, or Google.
    Try [] instead.

    • I just checked out Ohloh for the first time. While it does look like it could be very useful, it's not really the same approach as Freecode.

      I like that Ohloh actually downloads the source code of the projects that it indexes, and then allows you to search through all that source code on its site. In that respect, it does far more than Freecode ever did. (Although honestly, I'm not sure that I'd ever need to use that feature.)

      But the thing that I really enjoyed about Freecode was more of the news aspect o

  • OK, so Freshmeat... er Freecode was a site with an up-to-the-minute listing of the latest source updates. It's value was in the freshness. And the site is going static.... *boggle*... what part of this am I not getting? A static version of Freecode is a waste of a good IPV4 address.

    • by turgid ( 580780 )

      what part of this am I not getting?

      It's a sign of the times.

      Most people just do a "sudo apt-get install" now or click on "Install" in the update manager.

      FOSS is mature in that it has a boring, straight-laced, conformist main-stream that caters to 99.9% of the public's needs with unsurprising conventional applications.

      We have become institutionalised and the cutting edge has been blunted.

  • by forrie ( 695122 ) * on Wednesday June 18, 2014 @02:42PM (#47265007)

    Sad to see it go, it's been a staple for me, for many years.

    I don't see much value in a static version of Freecode - I mean, it has reference value, but why bother? I still see the function itself as a valuable resource; I don't particularly care for or its layout. How about they open source the Freecode code, so that someone else can consider using it.

  • by ledow ( 319597 )

    So you've managed to kill off Freshmeat (first with a stupidly unnecessary name-change, then allowing crappy "Download Button" ads on a download site, now by removing it's only purpose).

    What the hell do you have planned for Slashdot next?

    How about, rather than destroying these venerable brands, you actually try and USE THEM rather than let them slide into obscurity?

  • by Jeremi ( 14640 ) on Wednesday June 18, 2014 @03:22PM (#47265381) Homepage

    I wrote and maintain an open-source library whose primary purpose is to support the software that I write for my employer. Because of that, I need to keep the primary copy of the library's source code in my employer's SVN server.

    However, I also like to keep the library's source available for public use (BSD licensed, with my employer's permission). Traditionally I've been doing that by creating a .zip file containing the source code of each new release, uploading that .zip file to my public web server, and posting a release announcement on

    If can no longer play that announcement/indexing role for future releases, where should I post release notices to instead? It seems like and assume that all source code will be hosted by their own source-code-management servers, which isn't a good option for me. Just posting them to my own little web page seems insufficient.

    • by msobkow ( 48369 )

      You also can upload release files to SourceForge. I see nothing in their usage terms that requires you to host the code repositories on their servers; it's just the default to do so.

    • Why can't you mirror the repository into github, and update it just after every release?

  • We all used it as a way to learn about what had just come out, and discover new useful projects by watching/browsing interesting looking items on the feed. All it really was is an aggregator of update feeds... So lets build a new (RSS) aggregator/planet and reach out to the old Freshmeat projects/users to get them to move over?

    If the functionality is pared right down it shouldn't even need logins or any of that stuff. Just make RSS links clearly visible and say to people "hey if you want to follow this proj

    • I used to publish releases of my software on, so I'm quite angry about this. Actually, every time I've published release on, traffic to my project site increased substantially, so I conclude 'lack of traffic' is a bunch of lies spewed by Dice corporate drones and real purpose is just to kill it off and block independent developers.

      Freshmeat did one thing and did it well. Now I cannot find alternative sites that would do this in similiar way - so called 'alternatives' are either ad-

      • I've just looked at github 'release' feature and I see that they implement it without much effort if they choose to. User can add release notes to particular tag and add binaries to download. Missing things: some summary page with releases, RSS/Atom feeds, tags for projects (eg. Java, Monitoring, CRM, Perl etc.) and versions (eg. Beta, Stable, Minor etc.), screenshots. My perception is that this can be fairly natural extension to their current feature set, fairly easy to implement. At least some of these fe
  • Freecode was useful to simply find out what new/updated software (sometimes not always free, hmmm...) had been recently released regardless of where the code is hosted. Is there any other site that provides such a list in date order? Suggesting Sourceforge as an alternative isn't great (I can't find a list of date-ordered project releases - not individual files, which are in one of their RSS feeds - on the Sourceforge site).

  • I have access to a very large internet connection, and an array of servers. I would like to host something like that so it does not just die off. Do we think the community could do that? What would be needed would be some coder(s) to work on the front end and db. Unless of course Dice wants to fork ove the code (unlikely). I could think of a good domain name and just do it. Hell, I have an array of domain names as it is...

    Anyone up for it?

  • I worked at freshmeat for fifteen years, and was surprised and saddened by today's news. I wrote down a few thoughts, if anyone would benefit from some behind-the-scenes perspective: []

Can anyone remember when the times were not hard, and money not scarce?