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African States Aim To Improve Internet Interconnections 27

jfruh writes A rapidly growing percentage of Africans have access to the Internet — and yet most of the content they access, even things aimed specifically at an African audience, is hosted on servers elsewhere. The reason is a bewildering array of laws in different nations that make cross-border cooperation a headache, a marked contrast to places like Europe with uniform Internet regulations. At the Africa Peering and Interconnection Forum in Senegal, a wide variety of Internet actors from the continent are aiming to solve the problem.
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African States Aim To Improve Internet Interconnections

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday August 28, 2014 @06:06AM (#47772761)

    Depends on your definition of "kill". Current killing methods, using physical means, results in breeding more terrorists. On the other hand, easy access to knowledge and first person shooters will kill terrorists by making sure they're not born in the first place. Knowledge has this effect on beliefs: it kills them and builds a nice wall of reason to resist them reviving in the 3rd day. When you no longer live (solely) for the afterlife, you usually aren't inclined to martyr yourself as easily.

  • by dirtyhippie ( 259852 ) on Thursday August 28, 2014 @07:01AM (#47772875) Homepage

    Oh, yes, "they" should. Because infrastructure doesn't help with any of the problems you listed, and there is no middle class in Africa (definitely not a rapidly growing one). Furthermore, there is no variation at all in a continent of over 50 countries and a billion people - every last person in Africa is constantly ducking snipers whilst starving in the middle of the desert and coughing up blood on account of ebolavirus AT THE SAME TIME.

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