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Microsoft Dumps 1,500 Apps From Its Windows Store 126

redletterdave writes: Microsoft announced on its Windows blog Wednesday that it's removed more than 1,500 apps from its Windows Store in a bid to clean up the store and restore trust with Windows 8 and Windows Phone users. Microsoft's new certification process, in particular, asks for clear and accurate names that "reflect the functionality of the app," more accurate categories, and differentiated icons to ensure apps aren't confused with one another. Microsoft reached out to developers with apps that violated its policies; some agreed to make changes to their software, while those who were "less receptive" saw their apps removed from the Windows Store. That might be just the beginning.
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Microsoft Dumps 1,500 Apps From Its Windows Store

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  • by recoiledsnake ( 879048 ) on Thursday August 28, 2014 @11:32AM (#47774599)

    Google needs to clean up misleading apps in their search and stop malware instead of profiting from it.

    Look at the ads for Firefox. []

    It's the same for other apps, like Skype etc.

  • Walled Gardener (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday August 28, 2014 @11:33AM (#47774607)

    If you're going to have a walled garden, you might as well tend it!

  • *Restore*? (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday August 28, 2014 @11:33AM (#47774609)

    Restore trust? Shouldn't it be *there* in the first place to restore it?

  • They won't (Score:5, Insightful)

    by mystikkman ( 1487801 ) on Thursday August 28, 2014 @11:46AM (#47774741)

    They won't fix it. They make a ton of money from those ads, make Windows slow down and look bad so they can push heavily locked down Chromebooks that techies seem to sing the praise of.

    I completely fail to comprehend why most Slashdotters seem to push everyone towards DRM'ed iPads and Chromebooks that put Palladium to shame instead of more open Windows PCs.

    I guess it's more about Microsoft hate and the desire to bring them down than software freedom.

  • by Russ1642 ( 1087959 ) on Thursday August 28, 2014 @11:47AM (#47774759)

    They should crowdsource this. Simply mark new apps as being in a probationary period and give downloaders the option of tagging the app as misleading, malware, abuse of permissions, etc. It would greatly help their human staff find the bad apples quickly. Of course the same goes for Google and Apple.

  • Re:They won't (Score:5, Insightful)

    by gstoddart ( 321705 ) on Thursday August 28, 2014 @12:10PM (#47775023) Homepage

    I completely fail to comprehend why most Slashdotters seem to push everyone towards DRM'ed iPads and Chromebooks that put Palladium to shame instead of more open Windows PCs.

    I guess it's more about Microsoft hate and the desire to bring them down than software freedom.

    You know, it's as much about giving our friends and family a user experience which a) won't drive them insane, and b) won't make them come to us for tech support.

    And, really, for many of us this whole "software freedom" thing is a little overplayed.

    I've always found Stallman to be a bit of a crank, and the vast majority of people hear this stuff, and they think of teenagers spouting Marxist theory because the school cafeteria switched from Coke to Pepsi ... it becomes a little tired and melodramatic.

    I'd wager that 99% of all people will never audit their IP stack, recompile their browser, or otherwise want any involvement in this stuff. They want the latest cool thing, and not some near approximation of it which comes in a kit.

    What they want is a tool to get the stuff done they need/want to, and they want it with as little hair pulling as possible.

    And, really, let's be honest here ... Windows is no more (or less) open than Apple, and in the places where they're more open, they're trying to be less, just like Apple. Everybody wants their own walled garden.

    Hell, I installed a Linux Mint VM image a while back, and it wasn't even possible to set the search provider to Google, apparently because it's not ideologically pure enough or something.

    So, if my Mom was looking for a tablet ... I'm going to find her one which suits her needs and will work for her, and I am never going to say "ZOMG, but this software is teh free".

    Because my Mom already rolls her eyes at the rest of my loony rants, and doesn't give a damn about software freedom.

    So, if you want to know why people aren't doing this, it's because when someone starts screaming "viva la revolucion" over software freedom, people roll their eyes and try to get distance from you.

    Don't get me wrong, I likes me some Open Source software. But, have I built an entire ideology around it? Hell no.

  • by nimbius ( 983462 ) on Thursday August 28, 2014 @12:18PM (#47775129) Homepage
    This might not be a stellar opinion but its got to be said. for microsoft to jettison 1500 apps from a store few used and even fewer knew existed isnt poigniant unless you take into account that this has been microsofts strategy for 10 years in various segments. new product shows up, its identical to a product or products that have been around for 5 years, and it reluctantly disappears without much fanfare or spends a decade on XBox revenue life support. The zune was a dismal failure, and Azure only made an 11% gain because they tie the product into normal licensing for businesses, making it a mandatory item as part of discounts. Windows phone has had more stops and starts than a sixteen year old in a porsche. in 2014 it only had 3% of the marketshare for smartphones and its purchase of nokia was the kiss of death that made standard and poors downgrade their bond status to junk. the content restrictions on the appstore are virtually indistinguishable from the content restrictions of a protestant grandmother. The concept of a microsoft store in general is so hobbled its had to partner with another floating turd, best buy, to continue expansion beyond its 63 stores. Bing was the product of 3 years pounding away at yahoo until they purchased their search technology and relabeled it. After a huge marketing blitz, forcing it as a default in internet explorer, strapping it onto everything from phones to the xbox and even copying google results they still couldnt do better than an alexa rank of 23. Yahoo is alexa ranked at 4. IIS is a blood-stain that makes headlines only because its netcraft rating is artificially inflated with hosting providers that have been paid to use IIS for their static placeholder sites. Internet explorer, despite having 7 versions of development, ranks dead last in pc and mobile categories. Windows and Xbox and perpetual corporate licensing are all that keep microsoft in busines, and even Xbox isnt ranked #1 in gaming as that title goes to nintendo.

    Financials and earnings reports sum this point up exactly. Microsoft has hemmoraged 21.8 billion dollars in net income and all it has to show for this is a lobbying division thats convinced a city in germany to switch to windows, and an operating system that, until valve pulls the trigger, will continue to exist solely because it shows up on the computer at the time of delivery and skyrim runs on it.
  • Re:They won't (Score:5, Insightful)

    by sensei moreh ( 868829 ) on Thursday August 28, 2014 @12:38PM (#47775415)
    I've never had a problem setting my Linux Mint search provider to Google, or DuckDuckGo, or Wikipedia (I haven't tried the others. Click on the down-arrow in the search window, select "Manage Search Engines ...", then click on the "Get more search engines ..." link. Google should be one of your choices.
  • by Virtucon ( 127420 ) on Thursday August 28, 2014 @12:47PM (#47775573)

    Sorry, the Store has been a problem for me from the start. First I don't believe in Walled Gardens but you also can't sideload Metro apps. Couple that along with the fact that you can't delete store history in Windows 8 and you'll have a situation that just pisses people off. There are multiple support threads on this in the Microsoft forums and yet nothings been done to address these deficiencies. That's why you still see vendors creating desktop mode apps which still give them some control over the user experience including downloads and support.

    Sorry Microsoft, get your heads out of your collective asses and listen to your customers.

  • Re: They won't (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Type44Q ( 1233630 ) on Thursday August 28, 2014 @02:53PM (#47777431)

    your two weeks of experience with one distro

    his two of experience with one distro running in a VM, no less.

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