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Microsoft Releases Replacement Patch With Two Known Bugs 140

snydeq writes Microsoft has re-released its botched MS14-045/KB 2982791 'Blue Screen 0x50' patch, only to introduce more problems, InfoWorld's Woody Leonhard reports. "Even by Microsoft standards, this month's botched Black Tuesday Windows 7/8/8.1 MS14-045 patch hit a new low. The original patch (KB 2982791) is now officially 'expired' and a completely different patch (KB 2993651) offered in its stead; there are barely documented revelations of new problems with old patches; patches that have disappeared; a 'strong' recommendation to manually uninstall a patch that went out via Automatic Update for several days; and an infuriating official explanation that raises serious doubts about Microsoft's ability to support Windows 9's expected rapid update pace."
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Microsoft Releases Replacement Patch With Two Known Bugs

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday August 29, 2014 @08:54AM (#47783551)

    Dear Microsoft,

    I, and possibly many others, would like to offer our services. We charge $200+/hour, and don't move very fast because we like to think about our solutions. We dislike cargo programming a lot. I understand that the prospect of hiring us shakes some CEO's yacht more than the waves of the South Indian ocean displace the ships mapping the seabed in search for MH370, but we're not going to drop our costs and standards, even though you will. Even more so, considering the predicament you find yourselves in (no, we do not love you one bit, Microsoft).

            The Real Developers

  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday August 29, 2014 @10:12AM (#47784121)
    Dear AC,

    Thank you for expressing your interest in a position at Microsoft. Unfortunately we are not currently hiring developers who test their code.

  • by QuietLagoon ( 813062 ) on Friday August 29, 2014 @10:56AM (#47784493)
    Microsoft has lost control of the monster it created in Windows.

    It now appears that Windows has taken on a life of its own, and is now roaming the countryside, harassing the villagers.

    Where is Dr. Frankenstein when you really need him?

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