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Instagram Will Soon Allow Users To Filter Comments ( 15

Instagram has had enough of questionable, offensive comments. The company announced Friday that it will soon give users the ability to make the choice about what's acceptable and what's not, reports BBC. From an article: The first will let people hide certain words, phrases or emoji icons from their feed. The second will go further in allowing users to block comments entirely, on a post by post basis. Verified accounts will be able use these new tools first before they are rolled out to everyone, Newsbeat has learned. Accounts which get lots of comments will get access in the next couple of weeks.
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Instagram Will Soon Allow Users To Filter Comments

Comments Filter:
  • Blocklist: Trump, Hilary, Clinton, DNC, RNC, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green, gun control, s**t, f**k, h**l, ...

    Actual posts filtered:

    • Google Trumps Apple as #1 on NASDAQ
    • California Drought Finally Over? Green Grass Says "Maybe"
    • Shitake Mushrooms Pulled Over E. Coli Concerns
    • Hello. My Name is...

    Word bans don't work. They never did. To do this right would involve significant amounts of machine learning, and you wouldn't need a list of things to ban if they were doing that.

    • by Anonymous Coward

      yea, and f#ck you. H!lary Cl!nton and Trurnp both suck sh!t. :/

  • Will BBC be acceptable, but not talking about BBC?

  • That idea was explored there [].

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