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Ola, India's Largest Ride-Hailing Service, Plans International Expansion ( 42

Reader joshtops writes: Indian ride-hailing company Ola, which operates in over 100 cities in the local country, is eyeing international expansion, according to a report, which cites multiple sources. The company, which leads rival Uber in India's ride-hailing market, has been looking at international markets for some time, and it has identified India's neighbours Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bangladesh as the first international countries where it will offer its services, the report added. Rival Uber already operates in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Ola is also eyeing other countries in Asia and North Africa to continue this expansion in the future, another person requesting anonymity told Gadgets 360. [...] Ola is exploring international markets at a time when Uber is increasingly expanding its reach in India. The global ride-hailing service, which operates in over 500 cities, is presently available in 29 cities in the country. India has become the fastest growing market for Uber, especially in the wake of its exit from China. The report adds that an alliance by US' Lyft, South Asia's Grab, China's Didi, and India's Ola, which they formed to utilize each other's resources to better fight Uber, ended this year. Now the companies could become direct competitors.
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Ola, India's Largest Ride-Hailing Service, Plans International Expansion

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  • If we call it sharing, it's good.

    • If we call it sharing, it's good.

      Good thing they only called it "hailing" and not "sharing". Looks like you just want something to complain about, and you sure got in there to make sure you got to complain about it first! Thanks for helping make Slashdot grate.

  • I wonder what head-exploding mental gyrations liberals will have to go through to spread hate about this particular ridesharing service. They will probably have to fall back on whatever politically correct version of the "Asians are taking our jerbs" argument they think will sell on campus.

  • Hear me out -- we open Ola ride sharing here. Inform the Indians that they can start here, too. Then we walk in as their replacements
    And they would have to train us. US!

    Reverse outsource, eh? Call it what you want, whatever.
    No trump involved; it's just an app, FFS.

    I call it brilliant

  • Competitors should not fear the dominant Uber, since it never made any profit []. Add the various lawsuits, and you can hope it is just a matter of time before it collapses on its own.
  • I've been living in India for the last six months and gave up on Uber very quickly due to their general asshattedness and also their dreadful customer support. I switched to Ola and have been very happy. I hope they do well. Their app is not quite as slick as Uber's but then they don't track you while you are not running the app either which is a plus. The drivers are, in my experience, better trained, mostly appear to actually have licenses (unlicensed driving is endemic here), and they have Ola issued G

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