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Trademarks Shows Amazon Has Sights On Meal-Kits, 'Single Cow Burgers' and Other Fast Food Options ( 75

The latest business Amazon may expand into is the business of meal-kits. According to TechCrunch, Amazon recently filed a trademark (serial number 87517760) for "We do the prep. You be the chef," which relates to a meal-kit service similar to the kind offered by Blue Apron and others. From the report: Amazon describes the service simply: "Prepared food kits composed of meat, poultry, fish, seafood, fruit and/or and vegetables and also including sauces or seasonings, ready for cooking and assembly as a meal; Frozen, prepared, and packaged meals consisting of meat, poultry, fish, seafood, fruit and/or vegetables; fruit salads and vegetable salads; soups and preparations for making soups." It turns out that, in fact, company in the last seven months had registered at least two other trademarks for slightly shorter versions of the same meal kit concept. Respectively, serial numbers 87418923 and 87256976 for "We prep. You cook" and "No-line meal kits," also relate to food-kit services along with marketing related to them. Amazon also has been quietly developing its own lines of pre-made food aimed at people searching for more quality ingredients. The company has, for example, around 10 trademarks filed related to the phrase "single cow burger."
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Trademarks Shows Amazon Has Sights On Meal-Kits, 'Single Cow Burgers' and Other Fast Food Options

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  • by dohzer ( 867770 ) on Monday July 17, 2017 @06:43PM (#54829141) Homepage

    A.K.A. the "regular" size option in America.

    • by Tablizer ( 95088 )

      A.K.A. the "regular" size option in America.

      Are you referring to the size of the cow or the size of the customer?

    • I was thinking either; the cow hasn't dated, or they don't grind more than one cow into that burger.

      So if you die from the burger, you'll know which cow did it. Or, if it was a cow that was fooling around, that cow went to Hell which, along with killing you, is the proper punishment.

    • Single Cow Burger? I prefer my meat to be decently married.
  • It allows you to obtain 6 regular size hamburgers, or 12 sliders, from a horse without killing the animal. George Foreman is still considering it. Sharper Image is still considering it. Sky Mall's considering it. Hammacher Schlemer is still considering it.

    Sears said, 'No'.

  • here at Amazon
  • Is this supposed to infer that current burgers come from multiple cows? I mean, that's awesome! It's an avenue I don't think we've ever really explored...mixing the meat from different cows, from different breeds, to make the perfect burger. It's hard to breed a single cow that has the perfect meat for a burger, but if we allow the mixing of several cows...we can do this, go science!

    • Ok, let's mix some Texas Longhorn, Angus, and whatever counts as a Wagyu into a burger, and see what we get!

    • It's an avenue I don't think we've ever really explored...

      Ever heard of the Big Mac?

    • Back in the day... I read that fast food restaurants used two types of cows - meat from lean and flavorless dairy cows that had stopped producing, and excess fat trimmings from meat cows that had been sold for steak, sirloin and so forth. The fat added flavor and costs were low because both products were in low demand from their primary sources.
  • ... the single bean salad.

  • As opposed to what? A married or divorced cow?

    How strange. :P

    • by ls671 ( 1122017 )

      "Virgin cow" wouldn't have flown marketing wise so they settled for the more subtle version; "single cow"

  • Now with flavor.

    • How about a stick of butter wrapped into some bacon and deep fried? We could call it "gastritis calzone".

  • There's no way I'd replace Blue Apron with Amazon.

    • by rtb61 ( 674572 )

      If you are tied up with that 2 billion fantasy market cap for a nothing food kit preparer that is now using that money to buy farms which is high risk as it ties you down to particular suppliers and offends others but hey you need to have something real to prop up that 2 billion for as long as possible. Personally, that food kit, really kind of a fad, people who like to cook, like to pick their food items, it's part of the experience.

      • Your nuts, or don't live in a city. I already budgeted the cost of gas years ago when deciding if going to another grocery for sale items was worth it. Now I contract hourly so now I budget my time, too, and it's definitely not worth it wasting an hour at the grocery. The bigger the family, the better grocery shopping goes. For single guys, we don't need 3 days of leftovers. I also get a good chunk of spoiled food that is just wasted money. I can get single serving for under $9.50 (some are double servin
  • Looked into Blue Apron a while back, the meals are 2x as pricey and limited in how you can modify the recipes (unless you have lots of stuff to modify recipes with, in which case you know how to cook).

    Closest I've come is that steak company in the midwest that will send you steaks, mashed potatoes and whatever for a good 3x over the supermarket price. Granted, they were tasty as hell, but the price just meant I upped my game in the cooking department.
  • Isn't what Amazon patenting here just another name for groceries? You go to the store, buy the ingredients for a meal, take them home, cook them, VoilÃ!

    • by tlhIngan ( 30335 )

      Isn't what Amazon patenting here just another name for groceries? You go to the store, buy the ingredients for a meal, take them home, cook them, VoilÃf!

      Not really, meal kits are basically enough groceries in the right quantities to make a meal, so you don't end up buying a 2lb bag of rice when you needed a cup of it, or a dozen eggs when you only needed one, etc.

      It's a problem when you're buying small quantities - I can't really cook some meals because I'd need eggs and milk, and the quantity I need i

  • What is this like the single-malt scotch or something? Are they trying to tell us each one of these cows is better experienced on it's own? Does mixing cow meat with other cow meat make it taste worse? If you ever thought to yourself while at the store "gee ground beef is alright, but I wish that it was made in a less efficient manner" this is just for you. Next up: single-strawberry jam and single-tree applesauce. Nice job, Amazon's marketing department. You've made us all a little dumber.
  • Read this about Blue Apron's service []. They ship their kits with cold packs which are sodium polyacrylate, a hazardous non biodegradable material produced from hydrocarbons. Amazon had better do something better than this or the problem will get MUCH worse. Even if Amazon / Blue Apron offer a recycling scheme, the majority of it is still going to end up as landfill or down the drain, polluting water tables for decades.

    Aside from that, I seriously question people so fucking lazy that they would avail of the

  • They were there to prevent one company from taking over. Too late now!! This is why paying attention to politics is the most important thing you'll ever do in you life.
    • Paying attention to politics is only important if everyone does it (and reacts the same way to it). Otherwise, it's just a quick recipe for disappointment.

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