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Dutch Government Confirms Plan To Ban New Petrol, Diesel Cars By 2030 (electrek.co) 349

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Electrek: Today, the new Dutch government presented its detailed plan for the coming years and it includes making all new cars emission-free by 2030 -- virtually banning petrol- and diesel-powered cars in favor of battery-powered vehicles. The four coalition parties have been negotiating their plans since the election in March and now after over 200 days, they have finally released the plan they agreed upon. NL Times posted all the main points of the plan and in "transportation," it includes: By 2030 all cars in the Netherlands must be emission free. While some local publications are reporting "all cars," we are told that it would be for "all new cars" as it is the case for the countries with similar bans under consideration. The potential for the ban has been under consideration in the country since last year. The year 2025, like in Norway, has been mentioned, but they apparently decided for the less ambitious goal of 2030.
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Dutch Government Confirms Plan To Ban New Petrol, Diesel Cars By 2030

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  • Is there going to be an initiative to build fast charging stations at some point that aren't proprietary?
    • It has already happened with the CCS standard.

    • by Rei ( 128717 )

      It depends on what you mean.

      * Tesla wants other manufacturers to use its superchargers, even though only ones with power systems designed by Tesla can use them at present. Namely because the vast majority have low utilization, and Tesla would make a profit off of each usage. So far, none have accepted, but they keep trying.

      * Neither CHAdeMO nor CCS are "proprietary" - but again, if the vehicle doesn't support one or the other (either innately or with an adaptor), it can't use them. Also, un

  • Lets hear it for bro-trucks [tumblr.com]!

  • by burhop ( 2883223 ) on Tuesday October 10, 2017 @08:46PM (#55346641)

    ... The link also says "The cabinet is banning criminal motorcycle gangs."

    I'm glad the legal gangs with their electric scooters aren't being targeted.

    (Just gave up my right to mod this article for this post)

  • I hope their electric car initiative comes with a bunch of nook-you-lar plants to provide power, along with the attendant upgrade to the power distribution network. Transportation consumes between 3x and 10x your typical residential application. I need about 11kWh per day to run the homestead. I would need 35-50kWh for my car, and another 35-50kWh for the wife's car. YMMV, but the distribution network in our area can't handle a 2x increase in load, much less a 10x increase.
    • by kamapuaa ( 555446 ) on Tuesday October 10, 2017 @09:46PM (#55346931) Homepage

      You and your wife both drive 150-200 miles/day? Like, 60,000 miles/year? While consuming only 11kWh/day for your home? Surely your numbers are off...

      Either way, if your home is capable of running a clothes dryer you should be able to re-charge electric no problem. I drive 50 miles a day (which I consider a pretty shitty commute) and recharge off a standard 110v no problem.

      • I'm quite nervous though about the time it takes current EVs to recharge. It is conceivable as they get more popular, people get left without enough charge to respond to an emergency or do something they need to do. You get home from a long commute to work and back, and your friend calls you to join them for coffee across town. Now you have to do distance calculations on whether your car can get you there or not? That's kind of a pain.
        • Yeah, I think this is a legit (if overblown) concern with the 80 miles range cars, depending on how far you drive. But once you get to 220 miles (like the low-end version of Tesla 3), who spontaneously drives 220 miles?

          Furthermore, at least in the Bay Area, there are several hundred chargers in the city I'm in and surroundings. Including a bunch of them at my work. So if by some chance I do run into an emergency it's not really a problem.

          There's no denying that having the ability to quickly re-fuel is an

        • by Rei ( 128717 )

          I'm quite nervous though about the time it takes current EVs to recharge.

          Give us numbers. What is "across town", for example? Let's say you meant 15 miles on the highway (non-highway driving goes further for a given amount of energy). And let's say you're driving a Tesla Model 3. Adding 15 miles at home on 32A charger (the minimum AC charger) takes only half an hour. By contrast, adding 15 miles of range at a supercharger takes only 3,5 minutes on the SR (2,6 minutes on the LR).

    • EVs get 3-4 miles/kWh. Learn math.
    • by dywolf ( 2673597 )

      you forgetting to consider how much less the Danish drive in general ?

  • by eminencja ( 1368047 ) on Wednesday October 11, 2017 @01:32AM (#55347655)
    In Netherlands the number of cars per capita is the lowest in highly developed countries. The public transport is very good (easy to do in a country with such a big population density) and bikes are everywhere. People that commute by trains will often have two bikes - one at each station. In Amsterdam it is simply not practical to have a car. You need a parking permit to park it in front of your house (and parking permits are a sparse good), parking in the city center is 5EUR/hour. That being said, I am curious what they are going to do to (Royal Dutch) Shell.
  • Reading about every country's new plans to ban gas/diesel cars by some totally arbitrary date in the future makes me weep thinking of all the lawyer time that is no doubt going into drafting the legislation, all the politicians time going into debating and discussing with it, etc. This is money going down the sink that is not helping a problem that we need to solve now. And we can!@#

    If they're going to put their fingers on the scales, why not just stop doing all this shit and put every dollar you'd spend o

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