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China Says Foreign Firms Won't Be Forced To Turn Over Technology (vice.com) 40

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Bloomberg: A top Communist Party official said Friday that China won't force foreign companies to turn over technology secrets to gain market access, signaling attention to a key sticking point with U.S. President Donald Trump as he prepared to leave Beijing. The statement by Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang, the Communist Party's No. 4 official, was made in an article published in the People's Daily newspaper under his byline. While other Chinese officials have made similar pledges in the past about foreign technology, Wang's statement stands out for the seniority of the person making it and its timing. In his article, Wang also pledged to improve the foreign investment environment and treat all companies equally. China will also increase access to its services and manufacturing sectors, wrote Wang, who was last month promoted to the country's top-decision making body, the Politburo Standing Committee.
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China Says Foreign Firms Won't Be Forced To Turn Over Technology

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  • by Rick Schumann ( 4662797 ) on Friday November 10, 2017 @08:21PM (#55528997) Journal
    Kind of impressive that they had the nerve to try to demand it all outright like that, though, but they'll just keep reverse engineering everything and stealing it like always.
    • What's wrong with reverse engineering?

      Let me guess, it's not about that at all, is it?

      • by Anonymous Coward

        Reverse engineering has been at the core of every significant open source project ever created.

        • It always strikes me as odd when Americans who like open source oppose IP. At least some of the difference in prosperity between the USA and say China comes from the fact that US companies own vast amounts of IP and the USA has rigged the international rules on IP to its benefit.

          Get rid of patents and copyright and the power won't move from Apple, Microsoft etc to open source projects, it will move to people who own factories in China.

    • Re: (Score:2, Insightful)

      by Anonymous Coward

      The hard push to transition into an IP-based economy was pretty stupid in retrospect, wasn't it?
      It works fine as long as you only deal with people who respect you and agrees to your terms.
      As soon as you run into someone who doesn't give a shit about your IP then you've got nothing.

      They have an economy based on physical items and work that can't be "stolen" by a simple ctrl-c + ctrl-v.
      If you want to compete with that you need an economy that isn't based on past merits.

    • You call it stealing, they call it learning. Do you ever use paper?

  • by Anonymous Coward

    They've already got enough of it and are now developing their own.

  • Ji says its ok. Communist Party official has his fingers crossed and doesn't has that authority. Surely after 2000 yrs, there are chinese characters for "fingers crossed while lying" and "double crossed", for dealing with foreigners if not everybody generally.
    • Re: (Score:2, Troll)

      I've visited China many times over the last decade, and I've always been treated extremely well there.

      Since AFAIK I'm not especially important, I suspect it has something to do with my attitude. Perhaps you might try adjusting yours.

      As for the announcement referenced in the story, I'm completely unsurprised--that's a negotiating tactic that is in no wise exclusive to China or the Chinese.

      • by rtb61 ( 674572 )

        Of course foreign companies will not be 'FORCED' to hand over the data, they will do it 'VOLUNTARILY' because say, another competitor has done so, adding value to their bid and so to compete, well, enough said. The whole China US thing was nothing but an empty charade, no matter how well XI maintains that inscrutable demeanour, the contempt of Trump as a nothing puppet of the US deep state and shadow government, totally exuded through (visibly leaning away from Trump many times).

        Seriously with the CIA/NSA

  • Wang Yang (Score:5, Interesting)

    by rmdingler ( 1955220 ) on Friday November 10, 2017 @09:26PM (#55529185) Journal
    Whether or not you believe the Chinese, this apparent caving to a key tenet in trade negotiations is a win for the American President, its release timed just as he was scheduled to leave the country.

    Interestingly, this places Wang Yang in the unenviable position of meteoric rise or cataclysmic fall within the Communist Party.

    More interestingly, does this mean the Chinese were won over by Trump, or do they think this concession is a way to play him?

  • The Chinese already have all that technology obtained by other means.

They are called computers simply because computation is the only significant job that has so far been given to them.