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ReactOS 0.4.7 Released ( 94

jeditobe writes: OSNews reports that the latest version of ReactOS has been released: "ReactOS 0.4.7 has been released, and it contains a ton of fixes, improvements, and new features. Judging by the screenshots, ReactOS 0.4.7 can run Opera, Firefox, and Mozilla all at once, which is good news for those among us who want to use ReactOS on a more daily basis. There's also a new application manager which, as the name implies, makes it easier to install and uninstall applications, similar to how package managers on Linux work. On a lower level, ReactOS can now deal with Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, BtrFS, ReiserFS, FFS, and NFS partitions." General notes, tests, and changelog for the release can be found at their respective links. A less technical community changelog for ReactOS 0.4.7 is also available. ISO images are ready at the ReactOS Download page.
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ReactOS 0.4.7 Released

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  • "Judging by the screenshots ..."
    way to go!

    "can run Opera, Firefox, and Mozilla all at once, which is good news for those among us who want to use ReactOS on a more daily basis"
    judging by those words, running several(and same?) browsers at once, for a long time, is one of "our" primary daily activities.

  • and no I do not want a i-scsi gateway.

  • Getting better (Score:3, Insightful)

    by antimatter_16 ( 1523793 ) on Wednesday December 06, 2017 @09:48PM (#55692311)
    I've been following the ReactOS project for a while, and I find it really amazing the amount of progress they've made. Whenever they release a new version, I burn a CD and try it out on a number of old machines I have lying around, and it's improved a lot in the past couple of years. It used to not boot on a number of my machines, and it's gotten better or more stable with each release.
  • by martiniturbide ( 1203660 ) on Wednesday December 06, 2017 @09:52PM (#55692349) Homepage Journal
    I was not able to find a group of developers that wants to do the same thing for OS/2 Warp :_(
    • Because it was sold to some other company and called eComStation.

    • How about FreeXWorks, i.e. a vxWorks clone.

      vxWorks is objectively the best OS that has ever existed. Or ever will exist.

      • Back around 2001 - 2005 I worked on an ECM that ran vxWorks / Windriver. The amount of work it could do was awesome.

        It's painfully obvious when your RTOS is not doing the right thing when it's scheduling spark and fuel to a running engine.

        Your simply can't wait for software sometimes.

        • I remember having a vxWorks system on my desk that run an FTP server which could pull files off a NOR flash array. It easily outperformed the Windows PC on my desk for TCIP/IP and filesystem access, despite running a much slower CPU and having what by modern standards was really slow flash memory (of course of the time it wasn't too bad - only slightly slower on a read than uncached main memory)

          And when you traced through the code you could see why. It used zbuf TCP, all the code was Ring 0, and the most co

      • objectively the best

        I'm willing to bet it doesn't compete with Windows for high-performance real-time graphics on modern GPUs. Context is everything, there is no 'objective'.

        I don't know much about the real-time OS world though. What's the best the FOSS world has to offer on that front?

  • Wat? (Score:5, Funny)

    by SeaFox ( 739806 ) on Thursday December 07, 2017 @03:34AM (#55693485)

    ReactOS 0.4.7 can run Opera, Firefox, and Mozilla all at once...

    I'm intrigued by this executable named simply "Mozilla", and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

    • Now we know how Mozilla continues to collect that $375 Mil/year from Yahoo. They've got a ReactOS box doing the real work. Actually, that answers a lot of questions about them...

    • You must be new here. They obviously mean "Seamonkey" (for those who remember "Netscape Communicator").

      • You must be new here. They obviously mean "Seamonkey" (for those who remember "Netscape Communicator").

        I think that's the joke. ;-) (Party like it's 2002.)

  • I tried it a couple of times recently when I needed support for peripherals with windows-only drivers, so one of the few cases where ReactOS would be really useful for something, and both times some parts of the system were not working or not implemented. So I think nobody needs a windows replacement that only works for running high-level applications.
  • Its worth it. I hope that enough people will be dis-satisfied with the shitty UI and data harvesting of windows 10 and go to this. I wonder if it can succesfully join a windows domain?

    • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

      by ledow ( 319597 )

      Not a chance.

      It's 20+ years behind in some areas and nowhere near being any kind of replacement for anything.

      The domain stuff... literally years away for any level of completeness or reliability despite being "worked on" since 2009 and before then. Hell, you can only just about trust Samba to run as a secondary. I wouldn't want to be in charge of a Samba-only AD tree (which still needs Windows tools to manage it!). And then you may as well just use Samba and the various OS clients that let you integrate

      • by Anonymous Coward

        Which is exactly why he donated. If people invest their time, skills and money into it then there's now reason it cannot 'develop'. Prior to Windows 10 it was a great idea to have a 'free' version of windows that you can install on as many machines as you like without paying, but now that Windows 10 is 'free' it's not as necessary. Still, having an open source version of Windows is only a good thing, especially if it's bright up to scratch.

        • If anything, it's more necessary. Windows 10 is an ugly, inconsistent, buggy pile of shite that i'll never let into my own home.

          Oh, and i use the ReactOS regedit on a day-to-day basis when user rights have restricted access to the one baked into Windows. Also the paint clone is pretty good.
      • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday December 07, 2017 @09:02AM (#55694381)

        The domain stuff...

        End users don't need or care about that. Most Windows users aren't joined to a domain.

        Even Wine is pretty much dead in practical terms

        It is? Funny, because the Wine that I use gets updated often and is so good that I have a hard time finding stuff that won't work on it. Hell, in many instances Wine is MORE compatible with more Windows software than Windows itself.

        FreeDOS was a success, but it took 25 years to get the equivalent of DOS up and running

        No it didn't. FreeDOS was at parity with MS-DOS ages ago and has long since surpassed it.

        they can never do anything but play catch-up

        ReactOS doesn't need to play catch up. It just has to be good enough. For most people, that's Windows XP compatibility.

        I think perhaps you should stop worrying about what other people are doing. You seem awfully controlling and insecure. Maybe you should try doing something productive instead of sitting around whining like a petulant child.

  • Great work! (Score:4, Insightful)

    by HalAtWork ( 926717 ) on Thursday December 07, 2017 @08:45AM (#55694329)

    Congratulations ReactOS Team!

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