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Submission + - Why the heck are people still using POP3? ( 2

Siker writes: Email Service Guide asked "Why the heck are people still using POP3 [...instead of IMAP]?" Remarkably the answer does not seem to be "because they don't know any better" because at Email Discussions an intense debate erupted over the topic. In this day of large storage server accounts and multiple access devices for email accounts, is there a reason other than habit for POP3?
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Why the heck are people still using POP3?

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  • Simple. My local ISP and e-mail provider supports only POP3 and Squirrelmail web mail. They don't support IMAP because their security policies don't allow subscribers to create folders on their servers. So I've set up an Evolution client to fetch and sort everything into local folders on my home server, which I can access remotely using TightVNC over SSH. Would I prefer IMAP? Not really.

  • Here's a Captain Obvious, but probably because it's what everyone knows, is used to, and is supported. Security be damned.

    Other things that fall into this category: AP's that are open or using WEP, FTP, HTTP basic auth, 'password' as a password, not patching, and pasting an image into a word document before emailing instead of just attaching the image. I'm sure I missed a few other good ones.

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