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Submission + - NuCaptcha video's are harder for bots, not humans ( 1

ZigiSamblak writes: NuCaptcha’s technology substitutes a brief video display of characters for the usual smash or squiggle of letters. It’s definitely easier on the human eye, and its creators say it’s also much more secure. Moreover, if humans find NuCaptcha as legible as machines find it illegible, it should help increase signups while decreasing spambots for web services and applications.

The article isn't much more informative but they do have an effective example of this new technology which was easier on my eyes than the captcha for this submission.

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NuCaptcha video's are harder for bots, not humans

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  • I'm not sure how this would be so hard on bots. Assuming the color changes, look for the color in plain text, scan the video for the frames with the most number of letters of that color and remove everything that is not of that color from those frames. What you have now is the equivalent of a ReCaptcha, but you have more images with the letters in different configurations, so you could run your classifier on several frames and let them vote on it, which should make it easier to get it right. Much more resou

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