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Submission + - Say Goodbye to Free Net TV ( 2

commodore64_love writes: According to a just-released Associate Press article, recent actions by FOX, ABC, NBC and CBS suggest broadcasters believe they can make more money from cable TV providers if they hold back some programming online. That could mean new limits on online viewing are coming: Broadcasters might make fewer of their shows available to begin with, or delay when they become available — say, a month after an episode is broadcast — rather than the few hours it typically takes now. FOX Broadcast already postpones viewing of its new episodes by 8 days.

It would make it tougher for viewers to drop their cable TV subscriptions. Broadcasters can then demand more money from cable and satellite TV providers to carry their stations on the lineups. Meanwhile Time-Warner and Comcast are pursing a new model called "TV Everywhere" that would allow viewers to watch shows from TNT, TBS, Syfy online, but only if they entered the required password (available to cable subscribers only).

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Say Goodbye to Free Net TV

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  • Perhaps the FCC should revoke Broadcasters access to channels 2-51? Not that I want to see an end to free tv, but it would be a reminder to FOX, NBC, et al that their right to use the People's EM spectrum is a *privilege* not a right.

  • The problem is that the internet doesn't wok that way. Somebody is going to host TV content on the internet, and if the networks aren't going to do it, they will miss out on the advertising money they could get from it.

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