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Submission + - Nuke Evacuation Plans Can't Handle New Population (go.com) 1

mdsolar writes: "Numerous nuclear plants across the country have evacuation plans that have not been updated in decades and do little to account for damage to roads and bridges that can be caused by earthquakes or other severe weather events, according to a new Associated Press investigation.

As plants have grown older, the once-rural areas around them have grown more crowded, the populations increasing as much as 400 percent, making them much more difficult to evacuate.

The population around the flood-threatened Ft. Calhoun nuclear plant in Nebraska has swelled 41 percent in the last 30 years."

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Nuke Evacuation Plans Can't Handle New Population

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  • The ``evacuation'' plans have always been a joke. Just look at NYC's roads and bridges at the start of a 3-day weekend. Now imagine it was everyone, not just those with disposable income and wanderlust.

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