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mdsolar writes: "The disaster at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant in Japan prompted some people to contend that since U.S. reactors have Severe Accident Management Guidelines (SAMGs) they are less susceptible to disaster.

A recent NRC audit of SAMGs at the nation's nuclear power plants, however, suggests otherwise....

At more than half of the nation's nuclear plants, administrative rules do not require periodic review and updating of the SAMGs. At a quarter of the plants, the administrative rules do not ensure SAMGs are revised to reflect modifications to the plant. Consequently, personnel may be coping with a serious accident with outdated and obsolete SAMGs.....

Training exercises have not been conducted at 40% of the plants for workers expected to use the SAMGs (question 11). This means that many workers will read and try to follow the SAMGs for the first time during an accident — a little late in the game for them to sort out any confusing parts."

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Severe Accident Management Guidelines for Nukes

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