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Submission + - In Windows 8 the desktop is "just another app" (extremetech.com) 4

MrSeb writes: "Steven Sinofsky, president of Windows and Windows Live, has detailed how the tiled Metro interface and the standard Windows Desktop (with a capital D) will peacefully coincide. You will have complete control over which interface you use — and you can use both at once, if you like. Tablets (and devices missing a keyboard and mouse) will probably boot up in the Metro UI, but it isn’t clear what the default for desktop and laptop PCs will be. Implementation-wise, Sinofsky points out that the Windows Desktop will now be "just an app", in that you launch it by jabbing a tile in the tile-based Metro interface; in other words, it won't steal RAM or CPU cycles unless you actively want to use it."
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In Windows 8 the desktop is "just another app"

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  • Its funny how most every 'highly innovative idea" that Microsoft blow their own trumpet about has been either available or actually the standard in the Linux/Unix environment for years.

    Perhaps in a few more years, Microsoft will finally come up with their highly original new concept that you won't need to load a graphics server or a window manager at all.

    • Reminds me of all the "I am Windows 7" ads. Every single idea that was new in Windows 7 had already been developed in Linux or OSX.

      - Using a laptop as a replacement TV:
      - xawTV
      - me-tv
      - xine/mplayer
      - etc

      - eyetv (OSX)

      - Tiling the windows on the desktop (Windows calls it snapping
      - This was a staple of the Linux window managers from the mid

  • It is called explorer and you can change it.

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