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Submission + - Drunkeness and sexual harassment alledged at MS UK ( 1

rtfa-troll writes: A picture of vodka fountains, indefinite Jaegermiester and sexual harassment is emerging from Microsoft. The former second in command at Microsoft UK was accused of sexual misconduct involving at least five separate women. A Microsoft internal investigation was unable to prove the allegations but decided to fire Simon Negus for having "behaved dishonestly, and thereby acted in a manner calculated or likely to destroy trust and confidence between him and Microsoft" and sue him £75k. Now Negus, who already as a new job as COO at Upstream Systems has struck back with a £10 million false dismissal suit alleging a culture of drunken parties and claiming that other (Male) management at Microsoft were so drunk they followed a female Microsoft UK manager into the ladies’ lavatories. I guess we can now guess why senior managers go away to Microsoft vowing never to buy anything and come back with signed contracts; presumably it was just lying there next to them in the morning and they were too afraid to ask what happened.
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Drunkeness and sexual harassment alledged at MS UK

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