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wiredmikey writes: Air Force officials have revealed more details about a malware infection that impacted systems used to manage a feet of drones or UAVs at the Creech Air Force Base in Nevada as reported last week.

According to the Air Force, the 24th Air Force (24th AF) first detected the malware – which they characterized as a “credential stealer” as opposed to a keylogger as originally reported — and notified Creech Air Force Base officials Sept. 15 that malware was found on portable hard drives approved for transferring information between systems.

The infected computers were part of the ground control system that supports remotely-piloted aircraft (RPA) operations. The malware is not designed to transmit data or video or corrupt any files, programs or data, according to the Air Force, which explained the infected computers were part of the ground control system that supports drone flight operations. The ground system is separate from the flight control system used by RPA pilots to fly the aircrafts.

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Air Force Comments on Drone Malware

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  • I cringe at the thought of the first air to ground missile being launched "for the lulz".

    • Hopefully that won't this case the malware appears not to pose too much of a threat right now, hopefully a more malicious malware doesn't work its way in......from the article: "one defense official reportedly characterized the malware as the type used to steal log-in and password information for online games such as Mafia Wars."

      • Probably won't happen now- with these drones...

        Can we count on it never happening? 20 years from now- weapons are going to become increasingly computerized and "internet-smart".

        Someone, someday, will fire a weapon for the challenge. It is inevitable it will one day happen.

        • I'm having a hard time coming up with any reason that you could be wrong. Scary but as you suggested, likely inevitable..especially as people from INSIDE the military leak information (WikiLeaks), this could be taken to the next level.

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