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Submission + - Nokia' s First "REAL" Windows Phone (i-programmer.info)

mikejuk writes: And so it begins.
There is a very real sense in which Windows Phone 7 has been on hold since the deal between Microsoft and Nokia for it to switch from Symbian to Windows Phone 7. Nokia has just launched the Lumia 800, its first Windows 7 phone, and it is basically a modified N9. CEO Stephen Elop said:
"It's a new dawn for Nokia"
he also called it
"the first real Windows Phone"
"We believe it is the first ever instantiation of the Windows Phone platform that properly embodies, complements and amplifies the design sensibilities of Windows Phone"

This certainly confirms the reason why developers might have been holding off creating apps for earlier devices. The bad news is that it is being launched in Europe now but the US wont see one until early 2012 so missing the holiday season.
Now we have to see if Nokia's hardware can make a sucess of Microsoft's software.

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Nokia' s First "REAL" Windows Phone

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