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Submission + - Win8: Most Significant Developer Opportunity Ever? 1

theodp writes: Microsoft's Antoine Leblond previewed the Windows Store at a developer event Tuesday, calling the new app marketplace that will be included in Windows 8 'the most significant developer opportunity ever'. 'This is where Windows shines, and where the opportunity for you as a developer is completely unprecedented,' he said. 'Every iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet and Mac sold in the last two years, I could combine all of these numbers together — it doesn’t match what Windows has sold.' And, if you're lucky enough to hit one out of the park with your app, Microsoft will let you pocket 80% of the take after the first $25k in sales, versus the 70% offered by Apple. Ready to drink the Kool-Aid? Enter Microsoft's Windows 8 First Apps Contest for a shot at having one of the first apps in the Windows Store when it opens for business in February.
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Win8: Most Significant Developer Opportunity Ever?

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  • Interesting conditions... after 25k in sales you get 80% and before,,, ??? 20% ? Besides a "new" Desktop didnt go so well for ubuntu ... i wonder what happens to windows 8(bathroom edition) on the desktop (i am not talking about the still dead phone market). Given the history of windows releases this will be another screwup like vista or even the glorious "windows millenium edition" ... Nevertheless its not what you think unless they release. Best PR in the business. That I really have to admit that. Chee

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