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Submission + - New study confirms safety of GE crops (lefigaro.fr) 1

ChromeAeonium writes: Much like vaccines and evolution, there exists a great disparity between the scientific consensus and the public perceptions of the safety of genetically engineered crops. A previous study from France, which was later dismissed by the EFSA, FSANZ, and the French High Council of Biotechnologies, claiming to have found abnormalities in the organs of animals fed GE diets by analyzing three previous studies was discussed on Slashdot. However, now a new study, also out of France, claims the opposite is true, that GE crops are unlikely to pose health risks (translation). Looking at 24 long term and multi-generational studies on insect resistant and herbicide tolerant plants, the study states, 'The studies reviewed present evidence to show that GM plants are nutritionally equivalent to their non-GM counterparts and can be safely used in food and feed.' Although it is impossible to prove a negative, and while every GE crop must be individually evaluated as genetic engineering is a process not a product, perhaps this study will help to ease the fears of genetically engineered food and foster a more scientific discussion on the role of agricultural biotechnology.
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New study confirms safety of GE crops

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  • The only problem I have with GMOs in general is that the argument is made that a modified tomato (for example) is essentially a tomato and doesn't need pre-market review by the FDA. Fine, then it should be granted a patent either if it's essentially the same. I think if you want to patent your GMO it should have to go through FDA approval. I think companies (like Monsanto) want it both ways. It's the same so it's safe, but it's different so we should get a patent.

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