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Submission + - Why Microsoft Developers Need a Style Guide (infoworld.com) 2

snydeq writes: "What your interface communicates to users can be just as important as what your software does, writes Fatal Exception's Neil McAllister in discussing the latest edition of the 'Microsoft Manual of Style,' a style guide aimed at designers and developers who create Microsoft software, as well as those who write about it. 'The gist of much of Microsoft's advice is that a user's relationship with computer software is a unique one, and it's important to craft the language of software UIs accordingly,' McAllister writes. 'Occasionally, Microsoft's recommendations verge on the absurd. For example, you might not think it necessary to admonish developers to "not use slang that may be considered profane or derogatory, such as 'pimp' or 'bitch,'" but apparently it is.'"
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Why Microsoft Developers Need a Style Guide

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  • Looks like one can have a good time mining the Style Guide for Slashdot fodder.
    How about this one?

    "JScript is the Microsoft implementation of the ECMAScript scripting language specification, an open standard. Do not refer to it as 'JavaScript,' which is the corresponding implementation by Time Warner."

    but seriously, it is a good reminder that JScript JavaScript.

    • I google for "Microsoft manual of Style 4th Edition" and you know what?

      Google shows the link but when I click on it, Microsoft tells me that the link is no more

      Fortunately Google keeps a copy in its cache

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