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Submission + - MAAS Effect: Canonical dives into bare metal provisioning (extremetech.com)

MrSeb writes: "As every system administrator knows, remaining nimble with virtual and hardware resources is an absolute must when it comes to managing cloud infrastructure. Something that is often easier said than done because of the wide, dynamic array of tasks that such a network needs to accomplish. If you have ever worked to deploy Hadoop or OpenStack clusters, you’ve most likely experienced the mind-numbing frustration of having to micromanage bare-metal resources to stay on top of the myriad number of hardware intensive tasks that need to be accomplished. Canonical has felt your pain and has decided to do something about it by developing a tool called Metal as a Service or MAAS for short. It is available for testing in the latest beta build of Ubuntu Server 12.04 (the final release of all 12.04 builds is coming up soon, too; April 26)."
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MAAS Effect: Canonical dives into bare metal provisioning

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