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Submission + - Interesting side-effect of the AppleVsSamsung trial ( 1

jbernardo writes: There seems to be an interesting side-effect of the flawed jury verdict of last Friday — Samsung sales have surged. Even with the approach of the launch of Apple's new shinny, the Galaxy SIII is sold out in many stores, and there is a measurable increase in sales, according to Trip Chowdhry, the managing director of equity research at Global Equities Research, cited in Forbes.

Maybe Apple really managed to convince its customers that Samsung phones are equivalent or better, so they are being overcharged? Or is it a rush to buy the currently best smartphone in the market in case there is an injunction on its sale in the US any time soon?

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Interesting side-effect of the AppleVsSamsung trial

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  •'s a few entrepreneurial minds hoping to make a buck by anticipating an increase in demand after they become unavailable.

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