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Submission + - Are commercial games finally going to make it to Linux? ( 1

colinneagle writes: Those of us who actively promote Linux as a viable desktop alternative to Windows are often greeted with the following refrain: "Nobody will use Linux because there are no good games." The prevailing wisdom being that the abundance of high-quality, commercial video gaming is a key factor in the market-share dominance that Microsoft Windows enjoys.

And, in all reality, this is somewhat true. So, then, the obvious course of action is to convince the video game publishers and developers of the world that Linux is a viable (if, perhaps, a bit niche) market. And by "viable" I mean one thing and one thing only – "profitable."

Luckily, there have been three high-profile recent examples of Linux users going absolutely nuts over video games, forking over their hard-earned cash in the process: the Humble Indie Bundle (drawing in huge numbers of sales — for a DRM-free product, no less — with sales numbers by Linux users consistently beating out sales to MacOS X users); Canonical's Ubuntu Software Center (where video games make up the top 10 paid software packages); Valve's announcement that it is bringing the Steam store, and community portal, to Linux desktop (specifically Ubuntu).

Will the indie game developers (along with Valve) reap the bulk of the rewards that releasing games on Linux is offering...or will some of the big publishers realize what they're missing out on and join in the fun?

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Are commercial games finally going to make it to Linux?

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  • It has been tried before, anyone remember Loki Games? []

    I think there is a potential for Linux to become more popular in order to make it a gaming platform. Right now most games I run under Linux are Windows games in WINE, but the average user won't want to mess around with WINE in order to get the games working properly. They have to be native games.

    Steam yeah GabeN is having the Source Engine ported to Linux, his goal is to port as many video games as possible to Linux. But others like EA, Activsion, Atari,

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