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hypnosec writes: With Linux enthusiasts and distro publishers eagerly waiting for a solution to Microsoft’s UEFI SecureBoot, there are those who have already looked at the viability of Linux on Microsoft Surface tablet. Matthew Garrett, a.k.a. UEFI-guru, has revealed that those who are keeping their fingers crossed and hoping to find run Linux on Microsoft’s tablet are on an uphill walk and it doesn’t seem to be an easy one. So why is this? The answer is in the manner in which Microsoft has restricted the Surface from loading non-signed software / binaries by implementing UEFI SecureBoot. Microsoft has loaded its private key instead of the "Microsoft Windows UEFI Driver Publisher" key on the ARM based tablet, which is needed to sign non-Microsoft software like Linux distributions or loaders. So, no publisher key = no signed non-Microsoft binary = no Linux.
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Linux on Microsoft Surface: What are the odds?

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  • Why not just buy any of the other tables that already run Linux instead? Its not like Microsoft is breaking new ground here. I personally can't stand Android but I utterly fail to see why its such a big deal to go get a Microsoft device and stick another OS on it and deal with getting everything to work when you can do the far simpler thing and buy a cheaper version with the OS you already want on it.

    If you don't want a windows tablet don't buy one. You have FAR more Linux tablets than Surface tablets an

    • by poltsy ( 1897872 )

      Do you go buy a gasoline car and spend your time trying to convert it to diesel and bitch that fuel system cant take it or that it doesnt' have glow plugs?

      More like only being able to use fuel from a single Microsoft gas station. Not that the fuel is anything special, but their pump is the only one that knows the magic hand shake to open your car's tank. This is all to protect your car's engine from bad quality fuel, of course.

      • So buy a car that takes flex fuel and not one that tells you up front that you have to buy gas from Microsoft. You have the option to get what you want, instead you get something you don't want and then bitch that it doesnt' work the way you want. It makes it clear just out to be obnoxious when you do this shit. Not you specifically of course, but anyone who even thinks this is wrong.

        You have a choice, Microsoft is the new, small fry in the market. You have thousands of other options that meet your requ

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