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Submission + - Mozilla delays default third-party cookie blocking in Firefox (paritynews.com)

hypnosec writes: Mozilla is not going ahead with its plans of blocking third-party cookies by default in the Beta version of its upcoming Firefox 22 for now as it needs more time to analyze the outcome of blocking these cookies. The non-profit organization released Firefox Aurora on April 5 with a patch by Jonathan Mayer built into it which would only allow cookies from those websites which the user has visited and would block the ones from sites which haven’t been visited yet. The reason for change in plans is that as of Mozilla is currently looking into "false positives," which would result into blocking of cookies from sites which may be part of the same group of sites that the user had visited and blocking of cookies from these sites may adversely affect the browsing experience of users. Looking on the other side of the coin, there are “false negatives” whereby a user may have visited a particular site but he/she is not comfortable with the idea of being tracked across the Internet – even on sites which are not related to the ones they have visited in the first place.
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Mozilla delays default third-party cookie blocking in Firefox

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