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Submission + - 'Web Junkie': Harrowing Documentary on China's Internet Addiction Rehab Clinics (thedailybeast.com)

cold fjord writes: The Daily Beast reports, "'Web Junkie' takes us inside ... the Internet Addiction Treatment Center in Daxing, a suburb of Beijing ... its aim is to deprogram Chinese teenagers ... who suffer from an “Internet addiction.” China was one of the first countries to brand “Internet addiction” as a clinical disorder, and to claim it’s the number one threat to its teenagers today. The Chinese government has erected 400 rehabilitation boot camps like this one ... a bizarre hybrid of military barracks and mental hospital. ... Every room in the facility is monitored by cameras ... Teens spend a minimum of three months at Daxing. ... Wires and nodes will be hooked to their head ... they’re administered daily medication (without being told what it is), they have to keep their rooms spotless, partake in individual and group therapy sessions with their parents, and do boot camp-style exercise ... They sing the following song: Following orders is an obligation! We must remember the rules and regulations! We should follow orders and not violate them! We will gather into the group for the battle! .... One kid in the film claims to have played World of Warcraft for 300 hours straight, taking only tiny naps in between. ... “Some kids are so hooked on these games they think going to the bathroom will affect their performance. So they wear a diaper. These are the same as heroin addicts. ... That’s why we call it electronic heroin.”" — Clip and more at Wired, and New York Post.
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'Web Junkie': Harrowing Documentary on China's Internet Addiction Rehab Clinics

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