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Submission + - Crazy New 360-Degree Video Capture Method Is Awesome

cartechboy writes: We've all watched live sports coverage, like Formula 1 racing or NASCAR. We've seen the in-car video feed, and even the rear-view feed. But that's only giving us half the picture. Now Mercedes-Benz has devised a crazy new 360-degree video capture method that allows you to follow live-action video from just about any angle you choose. This new piece of tech will launch with the Mercedes AMG F1 team this year, and gives you the ability to swivel and tilt the camera angle in pretty much any direction as the car speeds around the track. The device uses wide-angle cameras arranged in a ball and then stitched together into a panoramic view. Of course there's an iOS app that lets you watch all this. Is this device about to change live feeds forever?
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Crazy New 360-Degree Video Capture Method Is Awesome

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